The Chef & The Yakuza, By Sho Okumoto!!

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 My name is Sho Okumoto and I am a Japanese/New Zealander. Born in Taiwan (both parents are Japanese) and after my parents divorced, me and my mother moved to New Zealand when I was six years old.

I started as a horse trekking guide at the age of thirteen years old and at fourteen years old I entered the Automotive Industry as a part-timer, as well as working at the supermarket at the weekends. The Automotive Industry was a part-time job for the holidays except for the supermarket where I worked after school and worked in the holidays.  

At the age of sixteen years old, I decided to become a full-time worker in the Automotive Industry. I am a qualified Automotive Refinisher with over ten years of experience.

From there I have traveled for nine years and worked in many other different industries, in different companies, and in different countries. I have worked in New Zealand, Japan, and Taiwan.

Now I am an entrepreneur and self-publishing author. I have written two motivational and inspirational quote books to help people to get the boost they need to pursue their passions and get life inspiration to have a positive mindset and positive attitude towards their goals. I have written nine fiction yakuza novels and written and produced two photo comic yakuza books. I enjoy writing action-packed adventure, thriller, crime fiction novels, all involving the ruthless yakuza!

My photo comic book, The Chef & The Yakuza is about a yakuza-owned restaurant, ran by a talented head chef, who gets a surprise visit from the owner of the restaurant aka the yakuza boss. A nice catch-up ends up turning sour and the yakuza boss challenges the head chef in a game of poker, giving the head chef no choice but to accept the challenge. If the head chef wins the poker game, he will walk free but if the head chef loses to the yakuza boss in a game of poker, the head chef may not be walking out alive.

It is an exciting and thrilling, action-filled adventure, with awesome photographs turned into a comic format, giving you a unique style of book, to be read and to be enjoyed!!

What inspired me to write, The Chef & The Yakuza is my love of comics and my passion for writing yakuza stories. I have written nine yakuza novels and I decided I wanted to try something new and I decided to write two photo comic books. I wanted to give the readers a different type of book, for the readers to enjoy something new and to experience a different type of comic book. To give the readers real photographs, with real people staged in scenes and transform the photographs into a comic-style format and giving the readers a new style of book to enjoy reading.  

All the pictures are photo taken instead of illustrations and made into a comic style book.

 My two photo comic books are targeted for all ages to enjoy and to be read.

I hope the readers will get a taste of my vision of the yakuza stories I have written and created, for the readers to enjoy something cool to read, which I am trying to spread and giving readers, a twist and with my creative story writing, making it unique and something you don’t read in other yakuza books. The biggest thing for me is, to give the readers great yakuza stories to be read and to be enjoyed.

 My future goals for my book, The Chef & The Yakuza is to spread the photo comic book style and make it popular. To have the photo comic books, enjoyed for all ages and to spread all of my yakuza books worldwide. Plans for my book, The Chef & The Yakuza, and any of the books I have written, is to keep spreading yakuza stories and to keep promoting and marketing my books to get readers to read my yakuza books.  

It would be awesome to see my books turn into movies as well.

The Chef & The Yakuza, By Sho Okumoto

Being Japanese, I am very passionate about the yakuza stories ever since I was a kid and my goal is to have my style of yakuza stories, spread worldwide.

I want to thank Authors Lounge for giving me an opportunity to share my work and my thoughts with all the writers and readers.

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