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I’m thankful for the opportunity to share more about my writing on Authors’ Lounge and truly honored to be featured on such a prestigious site. As the author of Love’s True Colors and my new release, Take Flight, I am excited to unravel my writing endeavors as a whole throughout this piece. My first novel, Love’s True Colors, is a romance novel, and Take Flight is a suspense novel. Given my recent release of Take Flight, majority of this article will delve into the writing process of Take Flight, my intent as the author, and what my future holds for future writing projects.

To provide a quick overview of Take Flight, protagonist, Hallie Reed McClain, is faced with numerous fight-or-flight decisions in her attempt to escape her abusive husband, Jonathan McClain. Hallie has made the decision to leave him for good, but Jonathan has no intentions of complying. During their separation, Hallie grapples with trusting those closest to her, the gossip-mill of her small town, and her wavering trust in God. Living alone in a secret, secluded cabin in the woods, Hallie is thrust into multiple circumstances where she has to balance her safety with the reality of inescapable encounters with her soon-to-be ex-husband. Jonathan eventually discovers Hallie’s whereabouts, forcing Hallie to escape to the city while awaiting the divorce, but her move isn’t the solution as her safety is still compromised. Hallie has to learn to trust God with her safety while leaning on the church body for support. This tantalizing storyline weaves through one “fight-or-flight” scenario after the next, filling Hallie with angst regarding her constant need for escape. This novel addresses the ugliness of domestic abuse and the need for support from the church community. Furthermore, this novel affirms God’s trustworthiness in the midst of difficult, sometimes even life-threatening, situations.  

I started writing Take Flight in 2017, and my purpose was to address the topic of domestic abuse through an escape plot. Upon conducting extensive research surrounding domestic abuse, I realized the magnitude of victimization and how violence, divorce, and trust is often mishandled in the church. My goal with Take Flight is to instill confidence, strength, and the promise of God’s trustworthiness in the hearts of women who feel trapped, helpless, and lost in their abusive marriages/relationships. I also want to encourage Christians to be more supportive and understanding when they interact with women who have been victimized.

I found myself conflicted at many twists and turns as I wrote Take FlightAs heartbreaking as this issue of domestic abuse might be, I wanted to bring it to the forefront of my readers’ minds and protest for a call to action. It is gut-wrenching to realize just how wide-spread domestic abuse is in our society today. So many women believe they don’t have the strength to leave their abusive circumstances, so it was tricky to balance the protagonist’s personality and character with the reality of what many women are facing. I wanted Hallie Reed McClain to mirror the typical response of any woman stuck in an abusive relationship while still providing hope and reassurance to those who feel just as trapped as Hallie did. 

As an author with a Masters in Technical and Professional Communication, I also chose to focus my studies on Multicultural and Transnational Literatures, thus achieving a certificate in the field while completing my graduate studies. As a result of my studies, and the publication of Love’s True Colors back in 2016, I found that I enjoyed addressing taboo topics within my writing. My hope is that both my books – and any future publications – will force my readers to consider their role in society, the physical and emotional pain that comes with any form of abuse, and the hope that can be found through faith in Jesus. 

More details surrounding my writing process can be found on my website, www.tiffanyeveprice.wordpress.com, and the “Books for Sale” page provides purchasing options via links for both Love’s True Colors and Take FlightMy Instagram is a great place to catch up with me and become privy to my upcoming writing projects: @tiffanyeveprice. I am grateful to be issued on Authors’ Lounge as this platform is such an inspiration for many. 


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