Sussex County Hauntings and Other Strange Phenomena: Part II

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Everyone knows spirits can be found anywhere, and Sussex County in New Jersey is no exception. My book, Sussex County Hauntings and Other Strange Phenomena: Part ll is a continuation of a compilation of paranormal stories experienced by local residents and my Lady Ghostbuster Team. The strange phenomena chapters were added to affix those categories that didn’t necessarily fit into the ghostly topic but were interesting and relevant enough to want to write about them.

               I’ve always been sensitive to some extent. I’ve been able to see things before they happen, connect with deceased loved ones and sense hauntings in buildings. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by the paranormal and because of this was inspired to write a book about my own personal paranormal experiences and those of others around me. Sussex County Hauntings and Other Strange Phenomena is the first book in this series. The third in the series is due out this coming winter and I branched out to a surrounding county with Warren County Hauntings and Other Strange Phenomena due out this summer.

               Social media has enabled me to connect with individuals from the county willing enough to allow me to interview them about their haunting tale. In most cases, my Lady Ghostbuster Team has been able to initiate paranormal investigations of the buildings in the stories and uncover our own evidence.

               Today, the paranormal is widely accepted whereas twenty or thirty years ago not so much. Back then, anyone who spoke about it was considered crazy. Because this is no longer the case, I wanted to target the audience who have experienced things themselves and those who just love a good scare. My main objective has been to make those who’ve had their own experiences aware they’re not crazy, and they’re not alone. In addition, I would hope that readers of my book will find comfort in this knowledge. I wanted to give those readers looking for a good fright exactly what they came looking for. Lastly, Sussex County is so rich in history, I wanted to be able to share the history behind the locations and buildings and sites I write about so that my reader feels and understands a little more about its background.

               When I wrote the first book, I never imagined the magnitude of acceptance and response to my social media posts on the subject. I never anticipated the number of books that would come out of the series and how much further I would branch out. I also plan on writing books for Pike County, Morris County, Passaic County and Orange County. The stories from readers continue to pour in. Who knows what county I will add in next!

               I didn’t start out writing non-fiction paranormal. In fact, my first book, Dream a Little Dream, released in 2015, is a supernatural love story that takes place in Sussex County. I was in the midst of writing my second fictional supernatural love story when the idea for the hauntings series took over my mindset. I couldn’t let it go. I put the love story temporarily aside and began writing the hauntings series which has since consumed me. I’m happy to report, though, now that Warren County Hauntings is with the editor, I’ve resumed writing the supernatural love story and am hoping to complete it before the year’s end.

Although I began writing in the seventh grade, I stopped writing to raise my children and didn’t pick up the pen again until 2014. If there’s one thing I wish to leave you with here in the Authors’ Lounge, it’s the knowledge that it’s never too late. If I was able to become a published author at the age of 50, anyone can. It’s important to never give up on your dreams. Anything is possible.

               If you are interested in looking through the photo galleries I’ve set up with all pictures documenting the sites and investigations, as well as video footage from the same, along with my feature on Paranormal Caught On Camera and all my other interviews, please feel free to visit I am on various social media platforms and would love for you to follow along with me. You can find me on Facebook at Eleanor Wagner Author. I’m on Instagram as AuthorEleanorWagner. On LinkedIn, I’m Eleanor Wagner. Visit me on Tumblr as AuthorEleanorWagner and lastly, on MeWe as Eleanor Wagner, Author. Reach out and message me. I love to hear from aspiring writers and help them on their journey in any way I can.


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