Book Feature: Stories Of Stigma, Free From Societal Chains

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Everyone experiences life a little differently. However, a commonality within them is the uneasy and laden pressure of breaking free from the societal chains that bind them.

Everyone is born free, but the deeper they go through life, the more they realize how restricted they truly are. Philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau once stated, “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.” This contradicting statement captures the paradoxical essence of humanity.

How free are you?

This is a seemingly easy question, standard enough that it rarely passes through one’s mind. After all, people would automatically perceive themselves as liberated unless they’re spatially confined. They’re consciously equipped with free will, free to wander around the bounds of their territories. People live through life with this predisposed illusion that they’re free. They establish their own routines, decide what to do with life independently, and ultimately pave their path alone.

But subconsciously, are they truly free?

Greg Hitchcock Unveils Life’s Inconspicuous Restrictions

In his book Stories of Stigma, a self-help book about overcoming shame, author Greg Hitchcock unravels the subconscious limitations people have within themselves. He explores the world of self-doubt, detailing how people can break free from societal chains that hold them back from truly living their lives. The book is an excellent and profound discussion of life’s paradox. It details that regardless of how life may seem liberating and people are given absolute freedom to act how they wish, society has still covertly imposed restrictions.

People may be free to decide how to live their lives. But their actions and decisions are still regulated depending on what society deems normal and satisfactory. Stories of Stigma unravels the secrets to breaking free from societal chains and intricate webs that obscurely limit people’s life. It dives deep into the multiple stigmas and standards society has pressed upon people, burdening them to act accordingly.

The book discusses the issues and concepts of mental illness, substance abuse, body image, and suicide. Greg Hitchcock explains how people can fight against these judgments and live a healthier, more fulfilling life. He educates his readers to fully comprehend the intricacy around these chains and break free from them.

What The Author Means By Breaking Free From Societal Chains

Stories of Stigma strives to help people break free from societal chains restricting their lives. From personal biases to social norms and regulations, the book details what readers can do to embrace a life without judgment and guilt. It teaches them to live relentlessly, helping them attain their full potential without the blockages of these internal constraints.

But what chains does the author want his readers to break free from?

The ideology that people must break free from societal chains is nothing new in literature and life. However, there’s still a lot to ponder about regarding the specifics.

From the authors’ perspectives, these chains represent society’s unjust structures and norms imposed on people. This includes the stereotypes they must avoid, the misconceptions they must also bear the burden, and the cultural norms they’re automatically expected to follow. People are free to make their own decisions. But when these are involved, they must consider them and act accordingly.

These bind people into a limited headspace they’ve been inherently accustomed to, and they rarely begin to care. These societal chains force them to conform to common inequalities and injustices that restrict their ability to live their authentic selves.

Hence, people must learn to break free from societal chains and liberate themselves from these hindrances. They must learn to look inward and confront this reality. They must accept that despite living independently, they may still be in captivity by society and themselves.

About The Author

Stories of Stigma is undeniably a powerful book that everyone can benefit from. It’s written by journalist and the founder of Pegasus Digital Media, Greg Hitchcock, who understands the importance of shamelessly embodying the self. He has written the book to help people set themselves apart and develop an identity that’s authentically theirs.

Stories of Stigma isn’t just a book to help people break free from societal chains. Instead, it encourages them to build themselves and live to the fullest.


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