“Sparrows of Senegambia” by Charles Sampson Recounts Reflections from Travels and His Discovery of Senegambia

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Traveling is a worthwhile experience. Life can be a daring journey or nothing at all. Travelling also opens our minds and opens up new ideas and thoughts that we can reflect on and ponder as we go along with our daily living, maybe at work, or with the family, or in a house sitting on a couch or in front of a book reading while drinking tea. What lies at the edge of everything is a great book to read, and that’s what Sparrows of Senegambia have come about.

“Sparrows of Senegambia” is a fascinating memoir about a story of a man and his experience, which he conveys through his journey that includes his birthplace, life, work, educational background, and travels to more than a dozen African countries, places in South America, all states in the continental United States, and travels to Europe, Southeast Asia (Thailand, the Cambodian and Laotian borders, and Indonesia) and the Middle East.

Charles Sampson’s footsteps began in Senegal, which also started his knowledge of the section of Africa once known as Senegambia (now no longer called Senegambia). This region is of great interest. Dr. Simpson’s glimpse at the slave port on the island of Gorée babbled the ancient Senegambia’s importance that led him to run succeeding research and observations that included interaction with the natives that led him to call his American family “sparrows” metaphorically.

“Sparrows of Senegambia” is a book that inspires readers with the author’s reflection and life-long learnings that came from the pearls of wisdom of his parents, knowledge about his fascinating race and ancestry, and his realizations and thoughts that he picked up from his travel from Senegal. Dr. Sampson construes the title of his by: “My life and work experiences caused me to compare my American family to be as the sparrows – birds that symbolize power, hard work, diligence, productivity, and persistence. The sparrow’s flight allows it to rise above circumstances of reality, doom and dismay.” The sparrow, for Dr. Sampson, is a significant bird that entails a resilient pair of wings through which strong winds sailed out in the sky.

Dr. Sampson’s life story is worthy of being remembered for its relevance and importance. The story is timely because it is a new book with fresh insights and travel reflections from the author. On the other hand, its importance lies in its content and impact on the readers. Dr. Sampson made sure that his life story could reflect to thousands of people through his way of documenting his life and what it really means to live and learn from your experiences. Furthermore, “Sparrows of Senegambia” also reflects the discovery of the fascinating facts about Senegambia and its people.

For more details and how to grab a copy of the book “Sparrows of Senegambia” by Charles Sampson, please visit the website charlessampsonbooks.com. Have a good read, everyone!


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