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As I sit here writing this blog I am grateful to the Authors ’s Lounge for giving me this opportunity to let all you readers out there know about my book.

Writing a novel has always been my dream and desire but thought the whole process was not possible due to numerous factors. Finally, two years ago, I decided to take a chance in writing. Now, what would I write my first novel about? I questioned.

Some years back, the topic of trafficking came heavily upon my mind-so much so, that I feel led to research all that entails the subject. Becoming more and more horrified with each article and testimonial I read, I found myself wanting to reach out to the victims, to try and help them somehow- not exactly sure how I would attempt it.

For those reading from the Author’s Lounge, I want to tell you that the desire for writing a book whelmed up inside me once more and through much prayer and guidance, I decided to write my first book on this particular subject.

The storyline is fictional with a fictional family but what transpires within the pages is what really happens throughout the world today.

The reader quickly falls in love with Adalyn, the main character and is distraught to their very core on what she has to endure. Also, I need to point out that whatever place you hold within your own family unit-whether a parent, grandparent, sibling, aunt or uncle, etc. you can feel agony for the Saunders family.

Life can take you by surprise at a moments notice. That is why, it is wise, not to take for granted all those that hold dear to you and think that all is okay and will be fine,  just as the Saunders too, realized this. For living in a town of Battleford Saskatchewan, with a population of a little more than four thousand people, a happy twelve year-old Adalyn Sanders was abducted.

Snatched from her family and sold into trafficking, she suddenly became aware of what no young girl at the age of twelve should know. She is now plunged into a life of darkness and what would become a nightmare. Well hidden from the authorities she strived to survive day by day the world that now had become her life.

It would take a miracle for police to find her and as her devastated family helped in the search, the question must be asked! Would they find their sweet innocent Adalyn ever again?

I want to let those of you in this Author’s Lounge know that writing this novel was a very difficult challenge and I struggled in doing so because of this heinous crime. Although the book is fictional and written on a smaller scale, it is an example of what these victims have to endure. The harsh reality is that people like Adalyn are exploited and traumatized in a much more violent way than I have portrayed in the book and these victims have to live it. I can’t even imagine what they are going through or what they are feeling.  I hope to shine a light on this horrific crime and to tell you how God can help restore a person in any situation no matter how bad it is. Hopefully this will inspire others to join in to help stop the vicious cycle of trafficking.


  1. Melissa

    Hi! I just want to ask if this book has graphic explanations of the subject matter?

    • faye

      I’m not sure how graphic is graphic for you. But the book is, undoubtedly, dark. I’ve read it once before and finished it. Will I be reading it again? Definitely no. I was in so much emotional pain throughout. The author did a great job of delivering every victim’s pain.

  2. rizza

    objectively thrilling! i woudn’t know what to do if it happened to me

    • Monique

      it reminds of taken with liam neeson


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