Sleepy Monkey: A Bedtime Story by Matt Vacaro

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My name is Matt Vacaro and I am the author of the children’s book “Sleepy Monkey” a bedtime story.  I am currently retired and live in Central Florida.  I spent most of my life in greater Boston.

When my 2 children were just toddlers I would read or tell them a bedtime story.  One night I yawned while telling them a story and I noticed that both of my children also yawned and calmed down quite a bit.  The next night I invented the story of Sleepy Monkey where, each time I said Sleepy Monkey, I would let out a big yawn.  Yawning, being contagious, my children would then start yawning and soon after be sound asleep.

Everyone knows that yawning is contagious.  It is a universal phenomenon.  Through the integration of yawning with this entertaining book – it is an all-natural method to get your children to settle down and get to sleep.  I have heard horror stories about people using things like cough medicine to make their children drowsy and get them to sleep.  How shameful!  This book and the yawning methods within are an all-natural – time-proven method to get children to settle down and go to sleep.

I am an ordained minister and have served as a professional sports Chaplain.  I have been married to my beautiful wife Paula for over 30 years and have two beautiful children and now one beautiful grandchild that I am already reading “Sleepy Monkey to!  There are 5 Christian principles emphasized in this book.  Brotherly love, sharing, saying grace before meals, obeying your mother and father and saying a nightly prayer at bedtime.  

The ideal age for this book to be read to is ages 2 through 5.  It is a great book for parents and/or grandparents to read to and share some quality time with their Children/grandchildren.  I believe it is important to set aside some quality time each evening to spend with our developing children.

4 years ago I had total hip replacement and was down for 2 months.  I got bored and decided to officially publish Sleepy Monkey.  As this was a hobby I decided that all of the proceeds from this book would go to St Judes Children’s Hospital.  What better cause could there be than helping those families dealing with childhood cancer.  Please join me in being a blessing to this healing organization. 


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