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The publishing team at ReadersMagnet exists to support writers every step of the way in the publishing process. From caring and believing in their work, to inspiring them to complete their manuscript and finally celebrating when they hold the first printed copy of their book. At ReadersMagnet, we work with authors by providing: Convenience with our fast and easy process for turning your manuscript into a masterpiece. Full support of our team of professionals working with you in every step of the way. Peace of mind retaining creative control of your book’s design and content. Value for your money with our extensive range of easy-to-follow and easy-to-use industry standard publishing and publicity services. And lastly, the competitive edge with our combined traditional and modern methods to ensure your market accessibility and presence. Publish your book and attract your readers today! ReadersMagnet, we share your story with the world.

A compilation of ReadersMagnet reviews from authors who had the chance to share their story with the world through ReadersMagnet’s radio interview service with This Week In America host Ric Bratton.

Helping to sell my book “Then Sings My Soul

I am very pleased with Andrew dela Cruz and Jena Evans, I am treated like a dear friend and theyare kind to help me get ready to sell my book through ReadersMagnet. They are doing a lot of the work themselves because I asked them to. I really appreciate their expertise.

-Doreen Hatton

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There’s a lot of false informatiom out there regarding Readers Magnet, and a lot of bitter people who don’t understand the industry. 10/10 would work with them again.”

-Tyler Oberheu



Can be expensive, but in todays world you either write the same young adult dystopic fantasy novel to get a traditional publisher, or go with a hybrid if youre just starting out. You get what you pay for, which is a fantastic team that wants nothing but the best for you. For one service, I changed my mind and got a complete refund without hesitation or complaint. Theres a lot of false informatiom out there regarding Readers Magnet, and a lot of bitter people who don’t understand the industry. 10/10 would work with them again.

“All I can say is that ReadersMagnet has… just been wonderful to me and my book”

-Frank Tropea

All I can say is that ReadersMagnet has been just wonderful for and to me and my book. The Production Team was superb in the materials they created for the commercial distribution and sale of my book.
Hey, in the first month alone, just from theInternet my book has sold five hardcopies and six soft copies which says a lot about the quality of the work of the Production Team and Erica, Amie, and Mia, too.
If you have a book you want to write and publish try ReadersMagnet,


Recent Testimonials

"As an author of the week for ReadersMagnet I am grateful for the attractive layout that they put together. I am positive that there will be a great response to their website.."

Chrys Wimer

"ReadersMagnet is one of the few companies out there that truly wants to help authors on their journey. Not only are they book-lovers themselves, they work hard to make sure their authors win because they will win too. If you ever find yourself partnered with ReadersMagnet, you'll be in good hands. All the other positive reviews they have pretty much says it all."

Pierre Famin

"ReadersMagnet has been working with me for several years and I have been very happy with the hard work and dedication they have shown me through out the process of getting my books into the public eye. They have been very supportive and helpful, answering any question I may have had and have given me ways to push forward increasing my chances of success. Thanks ReadersMagnet for making this writers dream a reality!."

Collette Jackson-Fink

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