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ReadersMagnet | The Authors’ Lounge recognizes that one of the major concepts of the book, “The Meaning of Life,” is that in “real life” 1+1 does not equal 2. In “real life” 1+1 equals either 3 or 1 or more but never 2. For example, if a man and a woman truly combine and have a baby together that would equal mother + father + baby or 1 family. Hence, 3 or 1 or more if the mother has more than 1 child. It would only equal 2 if the mother the father or the child leave the relationship; and who would want that? Because this would break-up the family unit; and the family is the backbone of all healthy and thriving societies.

Many of society’s problems stem from the fact that we view hour relationships as disposable. Men and women truly combine with no intention of taking responsibility for each other even if a baby is formed from that union. When we truly combine, we should treat each other like family. The view that 1+1 equals 2 causes us to put our individual needs ahead of the needs of the family. And for the record, the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. So, by definition, 1+1 cannot equal 2.

Another way to look at it is to say that 1+1 equals 2 or more sets of 1 not 2. Or 1+1= (1) +(1) … In this equation the 2 parties understand that they have no intention of truly combining or taking responsibility for one another. But this is rarely the case. Everyone is to busy having a good time. This is fine, if this is understood by both parties and no baby becomes involved. We should have a certain level respect for all our relationships because once you truly combine it will change the way you view life forever. To the extent that you can divorce (or isolate) yourself from each other is the extent to which you will have a positive effect on society, in this equation. It becomes a negative to society to the extent that these sets of 1’s may interfere with other family relationships.

The Authors’ Lounge recognizes, here, that in chapter two “The Proof” the author states that GOD is a Spirit that is made-up of 100% pure positive energy and that Satan is made-up of 100% negative energy. What this means is the two could never mix. They are 2 sets of 1 not 2. It is negative energy that causes us to put our individual needs ahead of the needs of our families and society. The view that 1+1 equals 2 cause us to seek out immediate gratification at the long-term expense of our families.

GOD is 1 or 3 or more as well. One- GOD Almighty, or three- GOD the Father, GOD the Son, and GOD the Holly Spirit. In the beginning, GOD created Adam & Eve. Again, 3 or 1 family never 2. So, from the very beginning life was always base on these three or one or more ratios. And, as I said earlier, GOD and Satan are two sets of one not two. Society was meant to grow together as families in support of each other. Individuals would seek to meet their own needs by supporting their own family. The view that 1+1 equals 2 does not work as well because it puts everyone in direct competition with one another and breaks-down the family unit. This explains why half the people who get married get divorced or live in an unhappy marriage, and why too many kids are raised in single parent households.

The Authors’ Lounge recognizes that if we succumb to the realization that in “real life” 1+1 does not equal 2 we would have a healthier and thriving society. We would make our decisions based on the long-term needs of our families and society and not based our individual needs. This philosophy would serve us much better than the view that 1+1 equals 2 because it does not put us in direct competition with each other. The 1+1 equals 2 mentality only serves to bring out the negative energy in all of us. Therefore, in “real life” 1+1 should never equal 2 because if it did, we would destroy one another. Remember, you can only serve one Master and GOD is the only true Master. And, as I said earlier, GOD and Satan are two sets of one not two. Yes, on paper, 1+1 does equal 2 but we never have nor will we ever live our lives on paper.   


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