Queenie’s Secrets by QueenAmina

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I want to Thank You all at ReadersMagnet for allowing me to introduce myself to your audience. My name is QueenAmina and I am a writer of 15 years. I started out writing poems and poetry only.  I decided to spread my creative wings after reading “The Coldest Winter Ever” the story made me feel as if I could do anything, it prompted me to write my first novel “If Some Wishes Came True” and several others.  We are here today because I am the Author of Queenie’s Secrets, an Urban Fiction novel with an amazingly unexpected ending. This is the second novel that I have written and was blessed to get published. This story is a wonderfully entertaining tale about a young girl that learned that the family that she respected and loved so much were not the people that she believed them to be. This book depicts a story about one family’s secrets coming back from the grave to haunt our main character in her present life. She learns that not only was her father alive he was a daily part of her life in his secret way. She also finds that her mother who abandoned her and left her with her grandmother to raise was also a reason why her caretaker was so overprotective of her. This book explains in detail why as a family, no matter how detrimental the truth is, you should always be open and honest with them. My hope for all readers is that they learn the crucial lesson of being honest with themselves as well as your immediate family. My plans for this novel are that it will highly entertain and educate all readers and anyone that they speak to about this creation. My target audience is mature-minded readers 18 years of age and older. This book is a masterpiece of adventure and an emotional rollercoaster. It will have you on the edge of your seat the entire book with an ending that you will never see coming. Many critics and past readers say this book is exciting and a real nail-biter. You’ll fall in love with the main character and her antics, as well as feel her struggle. I pray that this book becomes a global sensation and will be enjoyed for decades to come.

I am not just an author, I am a poetess, I have 3 poetry books as well as 4 novels completed and on the market. They are all available on Amazon and my website. I also own my own publishing company to be very hands-on with writing as well as my readers. I can be found on GoodReads.com where you can speak directly to me and ask any question and give me any suggestions as to the reader. I hope to continue to grow and build as a Poetess, an Author, and a Publications company. Show-It-Well Publications is a family-owned agency that was started to help authors from all walks of life.   When you join this company you do not just get to pursue your dreams you add yourself to a family that cares about you and your goals.  I am a poetess that began writing poetry in high school during a downtime in her life.  Poetry opened my eyes to the positivity in my words and rhymes.  When I started to perform poetry I realized that the words that I wrote and recited moved crowds and touched people in an enlightening fashion.  This started my journey to leave my mark on the world.  I started writing Urban Fictions that would entertain as well as bring a message of positivity to the Urban community.  The novel’s that I write take real-life situations and issues and teach a lesson on the sliding scale that we encounter daily.  I  evolved because I knew that I could do more to help the unheard voices of the people.  I have started an internet show called “A.M.I.N.A” (Amazing Mentors Independently Nurturing Artist).  The show was to bring a voice to unknown artists and entertainers.  The show continued to bring about awareness of people that have incurred all situations in life, from missing children to up-and-coming nonprofit organizations.  I also have a YouTube channel where I advise on all kinds of life matters and situations called “The Queen Speaks”.  I hope that you join me on this journey to greatness.


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