Book Feature: Piece-A-Way Crossroads by Gloria Gipson Suggs

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Piece-A-Way Crossroads is a book that delivers the hardships and what it’s like to live during the Great Depression and Desegregation.

Gloria Gipson Suggs is the author of Piece-A-Way Crossroads and has done a great job writing it. Although it’s mainly a story about the Desegregation and the Great Depression, it does have a positive overall message and lessons to take. It is a tale of constantly pushing through whatever challenges humans will face.

Now, we’ll be discussing some of this fantastic book’s nuances. We’ll be looking at what the book is about, what readers can expect from it, and whether it is worth reading.

What is Piece-A-Way Crossroads All About?

A fictional book called Piece-A-Way Crossroads is based on the marriage of Peter and Rhea, who resided in Marshall County, Mississippi, from the 1930s until the 1960s. One of the couple’s daughters, Jeannie, the author, narrates their experience from her point of view while inviting the reader to journey with her.

Jeannie introduces readers to events, people, and places her parents experienced during the Great Depression and Desegregation. Those were days when people were going through a turbulent, difficult, yet beautiful time.

By examining how her parents handled these challenging and delicate events and challenges, Jeannie incorporates stories, poetry, and art into her storytelling format, connecting the reader to the past. Their diligence, persistence, and forethought teach us something.

What Can Readers Expect from the Book?

Once people start reading the book, they can expect to be shown a different life and society from before. They’ll also be shown how difficult life was for those who lived through the Great Depression and Desegregation. Aside from that, Jeannie’s lessons can also be used as solid advice by parents who want to take them.

Jeannie describes their childhood custom known as “piece-a-way” to readers in the book’s opening chapter. It was carried out from 1930 to 1960 by four generations of enslaved people of Native American ancestry. Piece-A-Way Crossroads is a story about the Desegregation she and her community went through back then.

The serious novel about the Great Depression alternates between the past and the present, giving readers a peek at what Jeannie’s parents were going through in the past. It is particularly true during the trying and delicate moments.

Here are some excerpts from the book:

  • Leah was brought from Africa to Mobile, Alabama, in the early 1840s. She was sold and transported to the McGhee Plantation in Florence, Alabama. While in slavery, she had a son named Jeremiah. She died in Florence during the 1860…
  • Jacob built his house with the help of his neighbors and sons. This favor was then returned when they needed a home. It was a plank board house with two rooms on both sides of a hallway with a kitchen on the back…
  • Isaac’s trunk was well organized at all times by color and type of goods. The smell of his trunk was so inviting to us we were always tempted to buy something every time he opened it. The trunk looked like a pirate’s treasure chest; dark green in color, domed top with a raised design on the outside, and a painted picture of a fancy lady inside.

Is Piece-A-Way Crossroads Worth Your Time?

Piece-A-Way Crossroads offers a unique look into the past, making it highly interesting. With that in mind, yes, it is worth anyone’s time reading. It’s a story about the Desegregation and the Great Depression that isn’t all doom and gloom. The lessons found within the pages also help readers deal with the challenges they’re currently dealing with.

You should purchase a book copy by visiting Gloria Gipson Suggs’ website. Read some of our other blogs to learn more about Piece-A-Way Crossroads and meet other birds of a feather!


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