Piece-A-Way Crossroads: Meeting Other Birds of a Feather

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Piece-A-Way Crossroads from Gloria Gipson Suggs is a wonderful compilation of different people’s stories and the connections that last throughout lifetimes.

Written by Gloria Gipson Suggs, Piece-A-Way Crossroads is a wonderful work of fiction, a compilation of different people’s stories, a veritable tapestry of life, and the many roads that intersect with one another through the process of existence. Centered around a homely couple, Peter and Rhea, living in Marshall County, Mississippi, Piece-A-Way Crossroads takes readers from the 1930s through the 1960s, depicting the interconnectedness that is life. Meeting other birds of a feather is a miracle in life that is succinctly advocated and promoted in this book.

Piece-A-Way Crossroads

The tale is told from the perspective of Jeannie, one of Peter and Rhea’s children, inviting readers to listen to her parents’ tale. 

Woven throughout the narrative is a complex and compelling cast of characters and a raw and stunning portrayal of the Deep South during the Great Depression, the Jim Crow Era, and Desegregation. 

Peppered in with the rich prose and the inviting narrative are anecdotes and tidbits from Jeannie’s own experiences, poems and verses, and collections of artistic images that take the experience of reading Piece-A-Way Crossroads to another level. The story is lovingly written in a way that the reader is truly immersed in Gloria G. Sugg’s depiction of the past, Jeannie’s exploration of her parents’ challenges, and the marvelous interplay of human interaction that happens to everyone.

Meeting Other Birds of a Feather

Despite the complexity and intricacy of the interrelated web that Gloria G. Suggs spreads across her story, perhaps the thing that establishes Piece-A-Way Crossroads’ brilliance is its use of the universal themes of hard work, perseverance, and foresight. Meeting other birds of a feather is a blessing, and the many people that Jeannie, her parents, and her sisters encounter in the story have touched their lives in the subtlest of ways.

A Lesson from the Student Who Couldn’t Read: Zack

Honesty has always been a great virtue, but it is rare for someone to be honest throughout their life. People make stuff up all the time. Despite this, honesty is still a highly sought-after attribute. This is because everyone wants to be with honest people. Respect and trust are founded on honesty.

Without it, relationships have no opportunity to become stronger.

There’s a reason that they say honesty is the best policy, and this is because it fosters a sense of integrity and credibility. How can you grow personally and professionally if you lack these things?

When one is honest, one pursues truth, transparency, and sincerity in all their conduct. Honesty can be used for self-improvement, helping folks identify and work towards improving their weaknesses.

Admit your mistakes. Take responsibility. Be open to feedback.

Through judicious honesty, one earns the trust and respect of other people. You become dependable if you’re honest, and people are likelier to confide in you and ask for your advice.

Honesty also helps in avoiding conflicts and misunderstandings.

A Lesson from the Smart Girl Who Stuttered: Jeannie

The road of life can sometimes be seen as simply a path laden with obstacles. They are an inevitable part of life, coming in various and often surprising forms, which are either physical, mental, emotional, or financial. As such, one should always face challenges with a positive outlook. Do not only narrow down setbacks as inescapable situations but rather, think of them as trials that seek to test your resilience and determination. It is only through overcoming obstacles that people can improve themselves and further their claims to life.

When faced with any kind of obstacle, there are always two ways to go about it: you give up, or you push forward. Giving up means missing opportunities for growth, developing your abilities, and learning valuable lessons. If you are to push forward, though, greatness and the fulfillment of goals become much, much closer.


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