No Boundaries

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                                          No Boundaries

We all long for the affections from others, especially from a significant other. A child has a desire to be touched by a Father or a Mother. A person will go about their life wondering if there will be someone to share intimacy with for the rest of their lives. Men and Women alike have similar questions that they may ask themselves like, “One day will I be a Husband?” or “Someday will I be a Wife?” Since this desire is for the affectionate there is no limitations on how much a person will give to achieve love. A call to action is necessary for love to abound and stay relevant. That action is “Commitment.” “Never give up!” There is no lengthy regulation or guidelines and nothing to stop the flow of love if we stay open to give it.

          We feel good from the sharing of our emotions. When there is a special someone that we love, people are mindful not to hurt their feelings. Love sets no boundaries on how much to pour out of heart the affections for those that we love. When love has its way, it will be turned up, full throttle.

Love has no limits; it crosses over and affects anyone that is willing to embrace it. If we claim to love and we only love our family or just one group and not all of humanity, then that love we claim to have, “is it just a fallacy?” So if your love is boundless then why are you silent?  Conditional love is affectionate. BUT it expects reciprocity. On the other hand, Unconditional love is above reproach, that is the kind of love that we need the most. We live, work and go to school around people that need Us, not to reciprocate anything but for us to give to them what comes naturally. Just like we expect “GOD” to do for us. Love keeps no record of wrong. It unconditionally has spread far and wide and it’s contagious. Not everyone will be affected but for those that are willing just open the flood gates of your heart and allow it to penetrate the depths of your soul to experience something that can be physical, spiritual and emotionally boundless.

POEM: #78 pg.90-91 from my book, “205 Thoughts from the Heart of a Man” by Alan Alston Sr.


Many wonderful things result in love.  Just like the season of spring that gives the earth an affectionate hug.

          This is a gift that makes us grow fond of one another.

I will search to the ends of the earth, for love I will discover.

          It is understood that love is an action which is something we all should do.  I understand what its’ purpose is because love is described in the truth.

          Love is patient, love is kind, it always protects, and it always trust.  Love always hopes and perseveres it will never fail, and this is a must.

          This gift of endearment is all that some people got.

This is what I give to you, so out of love this is what it’s not.

          Love doesn’t envy or even boast, and it is not proud.  It is not rude, it is not self-seeking meaning selfish, self-centered and loud.

          Love has no temper and keeps no record of wrong.  It does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth all day long.

          This now ends my description which comes from above.  If we can handle the truth, then we too can be in love.

          It is beneficial for Humanity to Love the alternative is Hate. When we are taught to be spiritual, something wonderful happens to the physical body, it will start to produce healthy immune cells. So, my conclusion is this, Love, true Love has no boundaries of what it can do to the person that is giving it unconditionally. This kind of Love, “SAVED, my life when I was once dying.”

                                                Love, Peace and Blessings to you the Reader.

                                                                             By, Alan Alston Sr.


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