Nicki Geigert: A Unique Wildlife Experience

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Nicki Geigert shares a unique wildlife experience around the world through a series of absorbing images. 

It’s true that the savannas of Africa, the rainforests of South America, and the plains of Asia offer some of the most thrilling wildlife experiences on the planet. There’s a whole host of unbelievable destinations and wildlife encounters we might never have thought about. Immersing in nature and viewing animals is always a great way to get back to nature and escape everyday life. So, it’s no wonder that wildlife trips are so popular. From watching pangolins to interacting with lemurs, consider the following as being among the ultimate experiences for all wildlife lovers. Nature photographer and author Nicki Geigert has been traveling around the world, capturing fantastic images of faunas and floras. In her latest book, Who’s Yawning Now? Nicki Geigert shares a unique wildlife experience. 

Experiencing the wild

With so many wildlife trips on offer in so many fabulous locations, it’s hard to decide where to go or what species to see. However, Nicki Geigert—through her book—allows you to watch a variety of animal species in one sitting. It has been many decades since Geigert first took her wildlife photo. And now, she not only captures the most remarkable images of yawning lemurs but also much more. The many unique wildlife experience of Nicki Geigert is shared to the audience through the collection of enchanting images. This allows everyone to emotionally connect to nature without disturbing the wildlife’s natural behavior. There is a myriad of animals in the world you might never hear of, but Geigert got it all covered from A to Z. Moreover, her photos alone can explain the concept of the wild better than anyone. 

Raising awareness

About 30 years ago, Nicki Geigert witnessed a huge hippopotamus yawning. It was a gigantic yawn that she had to photograph it. From then on, she found interest in taking photos of animals yawning to show the beauty of wild and native species. And since a beautiful photograph can inspire people to care, she used personally taken photos to show people the detrimental conditions of the wildlife. After all, fundamental to saving an endangered species is raising awareness among the public.

Nicki Geigert has always been an advocate for wildlife conservation, specifically Lemurs and Pangolins. Aside from these, a lot of existing flora and fauna are at incredible risk. Hence, be it across land, sea, and sky, she will use the power of images to help save the world’s critical species. Her wildlife photographs are her means to raise more awareness on how animal species cannot survive if the surrounding environment is not conducive to healthy living. Hopefully, her stunning pictures of endangered animals can inspire people of all ages to do something to protect critical habitats. 

About Nicki Geigert

Nicki Collins Geigert is an author, travel writer, photographer, and designer. She holds a B.S. in Physical Education degree from Washington State University, Pullman, WA in 1969 and M.S. Ed. In 2002, she finished Curriculum Design and Development from National University located in San Diego, California. Geigert has always been passionate about photography, even at a young age. She loves to get up close and personal to capture one-of-a-kind and candid moments of life. 

Nicki Geigert continues to travel around the world to take pictures and write articles and books to share with others. For her, it is not about the photograph but rather the experience of capturing moments and documenting cultures that are slowly vanishing from the face of the earth. She hopes to continue taking images of amazing places, long-forgotten cultures, and wildlife for a long time. Today, a lot of her photographs were published in photo books. 

To know more about Nicki Geigert and her works, grab a copy of her book or visit her website today. 


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