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I, Marvin Scrhebe, just had a very nice meeting with some other authors on Reader’s Magnet Author’s Lounge. I will be back on there on March 27, 2021. I do not know if others can spontaneously join or if it is invite-only. However, if you hit me up and give me your email address, I will ask them to send you an invite. Then you can ask me any questions you like about my upcoming book Teatime or any other writing related topic. You can even ask me about my my life as a writer.

I am doing a five-minute segment on the realities of being a writer and my life as a writer. I too had big dreams when I began writing forty odd years ago. I dreamed that I was going to be famous and rich. I was going to own a log cabin nestled in a pine grove along Lake Tahoe and accessible by boat and four-wheel drive. I was going to have a private jet and do all the things that the rich and famous do. I dreamed with each word I wrote that readers were going to swoon over my writing and hang onto each word as if it were their last breath. Oh yes! I was going to be number one with a bullet! What I did not realize at the time and what forty years of experience has taught me is that the only people who are rich are people who were either born that way or people who hustled their butts off to become rich. To be rich and famous is every writer’s dream, but the realities are far from fantasy. If you want anything in this world you either work for it or you can purchase it. Since most of us cannot afford to spend millions of dollars on marketing consultants and publicity firms, we work for it. That means starting small and working our way up the ladder. I had dreams that I was going to instantly sell millions of books overnight. After all, I was the best storyteller I knew! Since I knew I was the best, I assumed that everybody else knew I was the best and they would do anything to hear my stories. I know now that the public had no idea how good I was, and they really did not care. I needed to be a fisherman and put the bait in front of them. I had to hustle and work to get a few sales on the first few years of my life as a writer. Those sales would lead to a few more but I had to be constantly working to make my name into the household word I always dreamed it would be. I had to market my persona as well as my books. Then I had to be willing to settle for my piece of the pie. Reality bites! It really does. The reality is that J. K. Rowling and James Patterson were once unknown authors to. They won us over one reader at a timer, just as we must win our readers one sale at a time. Tune in for more from me and watch for my book “Teatime”. I know you will enjoy it. Here is an excerpt.

“Nobody knew what was wrong with Angry Harry. The truth never came out. However, the sheriff caught him down on Seven Bridges Road throwing lemons at an old-vacated house. The story was that the sheriff really did not want to arrest Angry Harry. He simply wanted Angry Harry to quit throwing lemons at the vacated house. Angry Harry refused to do so however and began throwing lemons at the sheriff as well!

“What’s gotten into you Angry Harry,” asked the sheriff as the lemons kept pelting the cruiser. “I know you’re a little screwy. You always have been. This just is not like you though. Now cease throwing lemons at either my cruiser or the vacated house or I will be forced to place you under arrest.”

“You can arrest me if you want sheriff, but I own that vacated house and I own the lemons. So, it seems to me I can do whatever I want with either one.”


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