Let Me Save You by Lindsey-Anne Pontes

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Let Me Save You aims to introduce traditional YA readers to the visually-rich and emotionally-charged storytelling mastery of Japanese manga. The story heavily involves relationships of all kinds (romantically, family and friend based) as the FL figures out who she is and wants to become. Let Me Save You is a slice-of-life read that focuses on seventeen-year-old, Nila Izawa, who lives in a small-town in Japan. On the walk home from school before winter break, Nila finally sees that she is crumbling under her mother’s strict expectations, both of them fueled by resentment towards Nila’s absentee father. Nila reaches for the courage to break free, but her fear of failure is overwhelming. Wavering on the edge of stability and adolescence, rude, annoying, beautiful Kai Kento’s insults, at last, ignite Nila’s resilience. When he takes her hand in his, Nila is shocked to experience depths of the heart she thought could only exist in manga.

            This story took me over eight years to complete as I started it just for fun, not knowing what to do with it or how far I could take it. What inspired me to write this book was my love for Japanese manga and anime, and the little push given to me by my closest friends. To this day, I thoroughly enjoy reading and watching these stories unfold as I try to relate certain aspects of each manga I read to my everyday life. I am envious of the culture in Japan, and although I have yet to personally visit the breath-taking country I adore so much, I hope that all my passion and research has paid off with the finished product of Let Me Save You.  
            What made me go through with actually publishing it was my husband’s cousin, Telma Rocha (author of The Angolan Girl and From Far And Wide), who, at the time, was also writing her very first novel. She was my mentor – my Sensei if you will, as she was figuring out the publishing process first hand and guiding me through her experiences and mistakes. She pushed me into the idea of self-publishing and creating my own small publishing company, Petal Publishing, so that I could put my own logo on my book(s), as she did for hers.

            I hope those who have never dabbled in Japanese manga or light novels, may it be because of the backwards reading comic book style or the stigma that manga can’t be for adults, find a common ground when picking up Let Me Save You. I feel like my book is for any type of reader who isn’t afraid to dive into a culture of something bigger than just that of manga, but one that truly grasps the attention of anyone who can relate to being in their final semester of high school and just trying to figure life out. Life is messy, and it continues to throw curve balls at you, but the thrill of figuring out where it will take you is what makes it fun.

            My goal for this book has already been fulfilled. As I wrote and edited this book over many years, I always though to myself: “Wouldn’t it be something if I could see my book on the shelves at Chapters/ Indigo, as if I were a true, published author?” And that’s exactly what I did. As this is being published on Author’s Lounge, my book has sat on the shelves of my local Chapters/ Indigo’s, and I couldn’t be happier. Nothing brings a bigger smile to my face like when I see my book on the shelf at the store.
            I’d like to see Let Me Save You continue to grow and reach more people, but anything that happens to this book from here on out is just a blessing. My book has travelled farther than I could have ever imaged. Now, it’s available on/ at: Indigo, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, and more!

A bit about myself? Well, I was born and raised in Cambridge, Ontario in July 1992, but I currently reside in Kitchener, Ontario with my husband, Justin, and Holland Lop bunny, Willow. I have been working as a full-time Dental Assistant for the past four years in an office with wonderful people. I come from a Portuguese background and am fluent in both English and Portuguese.
          I’m a Starbucks fanatic; becoming a regular at all the local locations and ordering the same drink since my days working at Target, where I got to sample many drinks until I landed on my favourite – Java Chip Frappuccino. My newly discovered joy is to grab a book, head over to the nearest Starbucks, order a Java Chip Frapp, and read there in peace. I’m also a plant mom, I love Pokémon and all things Disney, and I enjoy spending my free time with family and friends.
          Here’s a secret . . . I’m currently writing my second novel!

Book Title: Let Me Save You

Author: Lindsey-Anne Pontes

Publishing Company: Petal Publishing

ISBN (paperback): 9781999242107
ISBN (ebook): 9781999242114

Website: https://letmesaveyoupetalp.wixsite.com/petalpublishing


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