Kissing Shadows: Caribbean Love Poems by Danielle Martin

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Kissing Shadows: Caribbean Love Poems is an intimate weaving of life and love experiences. It is a brilliant anthology from the pen of the Caribbean’s newest literary poet.

Kissing Shadows: Caribbean Love Poems published three years ago (3) seemingly existed in the far reaching pockets of literary darkness. However, in spite of the odds, it snaked its way to become an Amazon Best Seller.

An amazing feat that almost went unnoticed by the island poet herself.

As Danielle Martin shares with Authors’ Lounge, “I didn’t even know my book was on a list. I published and left it. When a friend called to tell me the news, I couldn’t believe it, I mean, this was happening close to two years after hitting the kindle publishing button.”

“I foolishly put the book out there with no serious marketing strategy. I just left it to become lost in the clutter of e-books.”

“So yes, this was indeed a wonderful surprise and I’m grateful, but let me tell you, being an Amazon Best Seller is like riding a wave… it takes you high, brings you down and dashes you off before you even know it.” (Laugh.)

Can you share what the book is about and what inspired you to write it?

Becoming a published writer/poet was always a dream. I wrote my first poem at the age of eight (8) but kept my writing a secret. Poetry is a catharsis, a way to express and bring understanding to experiences an observations. Kissing Shadows: Caribbean Love Poems is really a collection of poetic short stories on love, life, loss and the shadows these experiences often leave behind.”

“It’s amazing how lost one can become wading in the shadows of one’s past, a prisoner to pain and emotions without even knowing. That’s why we need to look within to embrace the pain and darkness, so we can truly become our divine selves. Hence the name, Kissing Shadows.”

“Each poem focuses on a specific moment or thought, encapsulated by words, created to conjure wisps of nostalgia rising and falling with the innate breath of the reader. The reader becoming poet and the poet reader, for as it is in reality, we are all intertwined, connected like threads of pure cotton.”

“But really to me the greatest highlight in all this, far beyond lists and recognition, would be for readers to connect with my words.”

But wait?!

Exactly how did this poet’s secret poetry come to light?

“By pure chance, I shared a few poems with someone who put me on to a poetry editor based in the USA and the rest as they say is history. But the road from writing to publishing is long with many back and forth movements. The whole process is a lesson in patience.”

Is Self-publishing worth it?

“Yes. The feedback from readers after publishing gave me the confidence to seek out various promotional pathways, openly sharing my poetry with others. So much so that today in addition to Kissing Shadows: Caribbean Love Poems, my poems have appeared in various on-line magazines such as Ariel Chart, Claudius Speaks, Free Lit Magazine, Entropy, The Organic Poet as well as in the 2016 and 2017 Poetry Marathon Anthologies and the newly released, Heartbeats: Anthology of Poetry.

“When I first published, I was terrified of having a piece of me out there, dangling for all to see or rather read. I was appeased just to have actually published a book. Additionally, I had no one to guide me through the process and I wasn’t ready to embrace the other crucial part of self-publishing that entails putting yourself in the lime light. However, if I could do it over with the knowledge I have now. I would definitely invest time, thought and finances into actually launching and promoting my book.”

Any advice for readers of Authors’ Lounge thinking about self publishing?

“The world of writing and publishing can be daunting as there’s much to learn and navigate and I don’t think you ever get the hang of it.”

  1. “Writing is only the beginning, If it’s something you want to really get into and be good at, you have to involve others on your journey.
  2. Join a writers’ workshop, look into various social-media groups, build your brand along the way.
  3. Get an experienced editor, your first draft rarely is the final manuscript.
  4. Rejection and feedback are part of the writing process, don’t be defeated, keep trying. You’ll learn as you go.
  5. Read, read, read, read not only the writing and or genre that you’re into but the ins and outs of publishing, because if you’re going the self-publishing route you need to become informed.
  6. Finally, go live your dreams, shed the veil of fear. Sometimes you have to kiss the darkness to see the light.

And for readers I would like to add… give authors/poets your love and support.


  1. Purchase indie books
  2. If you can do leave a review
  3. Spread the word

Danielle Martin’s book, Kissing Shadows: Caribbean Love Poems is available on Amazon.

Hurry! Don’t wait… get your copy of an Amazon Best Seller today!

Follow her author page for more interviews, insights and updates.

Thank you Authors’ Lounge for giving this emerging Caribbean poet a platform to promote and share her experiences with others. I had fun doing this and look forward to other possible interviews as I am working on other writing and poetry projects.


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