Ice Zombies by Linda Jakubowski

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to try to solve a mystery and win a hockey championship while a zombie is shadowing you? Find out in my new book, Ice Zombies.

Ice Zombies is compelling middle-grade fiction for ages 9-13 hockey fans who love to solve mysteries. 12-year-old Duncan Jackson is captain of his hockey team and headed for the championship. Trouble begins during the semi-final game, when a mysterious player from the rival team, the Zombies, plows into Duncan and knocks him out of the game on purpose.  Duncan later realizes that this unknown player, known as number six, is not even on the Zombie team. However, it seems this non-existent player will not leave him alone. With the help of his two best friends, Kevin and Paisley, Duncan begins to solve this eerie mystery of the strange player’s identity. Although Duncan does not believe in the supernatural, he starts to think this peculiar Zombie player may be a real zombie. Through twists and turns and a bit of tween romance. The action leads to a shocking discovery about Duncan’s missing dad that could change his future. This all takes place while Duncan and his friends try to prepare for the most crucial game of their lives, the NIHL Youth Championship.  At 120 pages, Ice Zombies is a fast-paced read sprinkled with humor. It encompasses fantasy, friendship, family, and forgiveness. And, of course, hockey. You don’t have to believe in zombies or love hockey to enjoy solving this thrilling mystery.

             I am happy Authors’ Lounge asked me to share a bit about myself and my book on their platform. An educator and children’s author, I moved to Tucson, AZ, from Illinois three years ago with my husband, Wally. I am a member of SCBWI and two writing critique groups. I feel it is essential to share ideas with other writers and give input to each other’s work. When I’m not writing, I love to read and hike the desert trails. I also volunteer tutor reading to disadvantaged third and fourth graders.  Ice Zombies is my second published novel and my first middle-grade book. Animal Rescue Team was the title of my first book, an early chapter book for reluctant readers.  My amazing daughter, Robin, who is a talented graphic designer, created the cover for the book.  When I’m visiting back in Illinois, I enjoy watching my favorite young hockey players score goals. My grandsons’ love for this game gave me the idea for my book, Ice Zombies. I dedicated the book to them. The oldest has been in two NIHL youth championships, and his team has won once.  Although I wanted to write a book for children who love hockey, as there are not that many around in fiction for this age group, I knew I wanted to make it a mystery and a bit of a fantasy, as well. I hope that Ice Zombies will entice readers who love a sports theme and hook them with a suspenseful storyline from beginning to end.

Readers of Ice Zombies have asked for a sequel, so I am currently working on book two entitled PHANTOM FOUL. It includes some of the main characters in Ice Zombies.  My next project is a chapter book series about a third-grade boy named Remington who loves to make deals that often get him into trouble. Book one’s working title is REMMINGTON’S RULES FOR TRADING.

I hope you enjoy ICE ZOMBIES. Following are links where you can purchase my book.

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