Heart of Sherwood by Edale Lane

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Unveiling Heart of Sherwood: A Feminine Twist on the Legendary Tale

“The best Robin Hood retelling yet!” says one reviewer.

The Authors’ Lounge has invited me to say a few words about my Rainbow Award-winning novel, Heart of Sherwood. Have you ever wondered things like, “What if Robin Hood had been a woman?” Well, I did, and that question inspired this action-packed romance/adventure retelling of the classic Robin Hood story.

A Legendary Journey: Robyn’s Quest for Justice and Redemption

Robyn lost everything—her family, her home, and her title. Discouraged but not defeated, she teams up with Little John and his band of outlaws disguised as a boy. With the help of her beloved friend Marian and the incomparable Queen Eleanor, they set out to foil Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham’s plan to usurp the crown and to bring King Richard home. But has Robyn bitten off more than she can chew when the sheriff puts a price on her head?

Tucked between the pages, you’ll find familiar heroes and villains, and maybe a few new ones, as I sought details from every version of the legend dating hundreds of years ago to the most recent renditions. Then I set the story right in the middle of actual English history, framing it as if everything happened in real life, just as it does when you read or listen to the audiobook.

Empowering Readers: Heart of Sherwood’s Mission to Entertain, Educate, and Inspire

My target audience is naturally women readers, and this book is very popular with the fifty- and-over crowd (although young people who like a swashbuckling, cross-dressing, action- heroine gravitate toward it as well.) I even have a few male fans.

The primary goal of this book is to entertain, educate, and inspire the reader. I want people to come away believing no matter what circumstance they find themselves in, they have the power to re-invent their life, to mold it into whatever they wish it to be. I desire to inspire them to act where it is needed to support a worthy cause or oppose a ruthless antagonist. It is also my hope for readers to understand that love is love.

Praise for Heart of Sherwood: A Perfect Blend of Romance, Action, and Intrigue

“I mean, what’s not to love about this book? It’s well written, there’s romance, there’s action, thievery, spies, and a bit of tragedy. I definitely picked up this book because of the girl x girl pairing but was also interested in the Robin Hood retelling. This story kept me engaged the whole way through, and the romance didn’t overshadow the story of Robin Hood. The different perspectives leave no gaps on what is happening, and the Queen is awesome.”

Who is Edale Lane? I’m an award-winning, best-selling author of far-from-ordinary historical fiction and mystery books with a sapphic twist. You’ll find LGBTQ characters in my novels with none of the tired tropes some authors make you trudge through.

Heart of Sherwood is available in ebook, paperback, Audible and Amazon: You can read more about it and all my books on my website. Want to get in on opportunities for free and discounted books and see what Edale Lane is releasing next? Sign up for my newsletter!

From five-star reviews on Amazon:

“The romance. The history. The storytelling—all superb! A wonderful retelling of Robinhood and Maid Marian—swoon-worthy romance. Friends to lovers. Good vs Evil. Found family. Oh, the people in the woods. Great read!”


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