Health Mind Soul: 8 Steps To Finding Your Inner Peace by Jeff Simpson

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The book talks about various ways to improve yourself and make a better life.

Health Mind Soul: 8 Steps to Finding Your Inner Peace

In today’s world, there is an oversaturation of self-help books. Therefore, it might become hard to seek out the good ones in the process. However, Health Mind Soul stands out among the plethora of self-improvement books. Here are my reasons why

Let’s face it. We, as readers, feel way closer to the writer when the words reflect a subjective undertone. While being objective is a logical way to point out certain situations, subjectivity gives a personal touch. It reflects empathy from the writer’s side. And in this way, the readers feel more inclusive. I talk about my struggles and experiences in the book and give you an insight into how I overcame them.

I also cover important and valuable topics like meditation, journaling, exercising, and gratitude – all of which are important to improve your mindset and relationship with others. The book showcases my personal experiences regarding all these practices and how they shaped me into the person I am today.

At the end of each chapter, there are worksheets to help the readers figure out the process.

There are two ways to use those worksheets – if you have the paperback versions of this book, you can use them there, or you can download them from the official website

I am a massive believer in taking action. “Break the inertia and build momentum” – this is my motto: in order to solve your problems, you need to build a positive mindset and take action. This is something I believe in.

I am looking forward to sharing my book with you in the Author’s Lounge.  You can check me out at and Instagram @healthmindsoullife

About the Author

 I’m Jeff Simpson, I would describe myself as a father, husband, fitness fanatic, nutrition junkie, and soul searcher.  Over the past several years I’ve found a new zest for life. Excited to get each day started with joy and enthusiasm. I stay active in CrossFit as a member and CF-L1 trainer. I love to practice meditation and enjoy reading a good books. Thanks to my beautiful wife, we have also ventured into nutrition coaching and created our own guided journal. I’m so passionate about what we’re doing here that I recently wrote a book Health Mind Soul: 8 Steps To Finding Your Inner Peace in pursuit of bringing greater awareness to the amazing wonders life has to offer.  

My goal is to provide the support, information, and motivation you need to achieve and maintain your goals. I am committed to helping you realize and unlock your full potential. One size does not fit all! I’m setting to support optimal health and well-being along with necessary life changes that will enable you to achieve and maintain your health and life goals.

Life is about the Health Mind Soul connection, keep living your most optimal life!


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