Harold B. Coles, Jr. author of Who’s Your Father?

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This book will help us to understand what will happen to us when we step out of bounds, which are the commands, statutes, and promises that God has given us. It will show how when we receive gifts from God, such as money, how we waste our blessings by not being obedient to his word; how Satan becomes our ruler, and how God forgives us and restores us and brings us back to his will.
I taught this as a sermon. I pray this book will give you a better understanding as it did me when I taught it. God bless you.


About the Author

Harold B. Coles Jr. began his ministry in 1990. He began by studying under a great teacher of the word of GOD who taught him how to study, what books to buy, and to get a better understanding of what every word means in the Bible. Harold went to Bible College and received a certificate for basic Bible study on the scriptures themselves in 1998. In 2008,he received two associates degrees, one for Bible subjects and one for practical theology. In 2009, Harold was ordained as an Elder. He also served in different ministries as a sound technician, security, armor bearer, and van driver. He also taught new members class at one church. Harold’s desire is to teach the good news so people can get a better understanding of the Kingdom of GOD.

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This book is a story of my life, as well as others that have left GOD and went out on their own. I thought I could do it on my own, do it my way. I did not want to be disciplined to the commands, ways of the FATHER. I was young when I went into the world, I was  green as a green tomato, did not know the ways of the world. I did not listen to the old school players who told me ” Boy you don’t want to be out here”. I started smoking weed, drinking, chasing fast women, now I was street poisoned. Now I’m thinking  I was moving up in the world, I started selling drugs, using drugs. I moved my way up to six figure money. I still did not want to listen. Then I met a women and the money started  slipping away. Once when I spent thirty thousand dollars in one month and did not have anything to show for it, I came to myself. I came back to GOD, HE forgave me. Today I have back to the church, I want to complete the work that GOD has left for me to do. I attend Bible College , have two associate degrees, and now I’m working on my Masters Degree in Theology. Thank GOD for restoring me.


    • Harold B Coles Jr

      GOD bless you in all your endeavors

  1. S. Taylor

    This is a very informed and detailed read. I enjoyed reading it and look forward to more from the author.

  2. ann

    Congrats on making author of the week, Continue to fulfill your purpose Harold,,,


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