Gabriella Eva Nagy and Visual Learning

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Gabriella Eva Nagy’s books have greatly helped children learn about seasons and nature.

Children’s illustrated books play a very essential role in the learning process of every child. Young readers rely on pictures and cannot yet comprehend long sentences or paragraphs given their limited vocabulary and attention span. Children’s illustrated books introduced us to many things when we were still kids. We learned about our ABC’s through picture books. Probably our first encounters with animals and nature were with books. We first “saw” the sun, the moon, and the stars in the pages of children’s illustrated books. Books introduced us to words and what they mean, to rhymes and songs that to this day still warm our hearts. More importantly, children’s books have shaped how we appreciate things, lessons, people, and the environment. They are the first tools used by parents in teaching values and correct attitudes to young people, and in that children’s books will forever be a part of our childhood and our lives. Gabriella Eva Nagy, author, and artist have published more than a dozen children’s illustrated books and these books encourage young readers to explore and know more about nature and their surroundings.

Gabriella Eva Nagy and Her Collection of Children’s Illustrated Books

Since 2014, Gabriella Eva Nagy has been producing unique and quality children’s illustrated books. It is interesting to note that Nagy also does all the illustrations for her books. Her early works focused on the beauty of gardens, flowers, and the insects that surround them. Books including Into the Valley of Lilies, Lullaby, Swan Dance, Tea Rose Garden, The Island of Pearls, and The Land of Poppies all celebrate the beauty of the floral universe. They also introduce kids to the world and the relationship between flowers and insects, and how they are inseparable.

In 2017, Gabriella Eva Nagy publishes a series of books about the seasons. This is apart from her book entitled Seasons, published in the same year. Each book in the 2017 series talks about a particular season. In January, she released Winter Dreams which talks about the joys of the winter season. In May, she released a book about welcoming spring entitled Rustle of Spring. Summer Breeze was released in August of that year. The last book in the season series is Autumn Rainbows, released in October. These four books provide an overview of the changing seasons. By detailing the characteristics and features of each season, kids are able to tell not only the timeline but also to appreciate the uniqueness of each season.

After releasing her books on seasons, Gabriella Eva Nagy continued to produce children’s illustrated books on the majestic beauty of nature and different habitats. In 2018, Gabriella Eva Nagy published three illustrated books. The first one is entitled The Island of the Sun. It featured brightly-colored illustrations of animals, rivers, and nature. The second and third books featured the unique beauty of the arctic. Moonlight Dance and Starlight Lullaby both display penguins and the beautiful world they live in. Gabriella Eva Nagy’s latest book is The Dancing Butterflies which features a different style as far as her illustration is concerned.

Illustrated Books: Making Learning Fun at All Times

Gabriella Eva Nagy’s illustrated books do not only educate young kids. They also entertain them and make learning more fun and worthwhile. Gabriella Eva Nagy’s works are quality examples of books that activate children’s imagination while at the same time providing them with basic knowledge about their surroundings. Overall, Gabriella Eva Nagy’s collection of children’s illustrated books contribute to the learning process of today’s young minds while at the same time providing a happy childhood through her classic and timeless works of art.

To know more about Gabriella Eva Nagy and her works, grab a copy of one of her books, or visit her website today.


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