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Frances Dianne Lyons Moore, a certified Therapon Belief Therapist, a home missionary by calling, and a teacher by training and spiritual giftedness, is a retired professional librarian. She is a life-long student of the Word, a Bible Study leader and teacher, a mentor, a counsellor, and a servant of the people the Lord brings into her circle.   Frances Moore- Image newWith a long-term goal of “knowing Him and making Him known,” she organizes mini workshops and retreats dealing with relationships for women, including sexual and other areas significant to spiritual growth and development. She identifies herself as a “Broken Yet Chosen Vessel,” wanting the world to know that “Jesus is the best thing that ever happened” to her and anyone can have the same experience by embracing the Gospel. Frances, a widower, a mother, and a grandmother, resides in New Orleans.


The Peril of Silence by Frances MooreYou’re enjoying sex but don’t see a spiritual connection. Sex is not just an activity, rather it is God’s design for a powerfully, pleasurably, private experience to be enjoyed within marriage. With few resources designed to purposely apply information on the spirituality/sexuality connection, this biblically-based teaching tool attempts to bridge the gap between the simple acquisition of more information and an intentional plan of action regarding that information. It is driven by the revelation of long-past sexual immortality which still held the writer in spiritual bondage. At least twenty years had passed since the writer had confessed and forsaken that lifestyle. However, she had been silent about the pain and shame. She had not acknowledged the connection between her sexual activity and her spirituality. Feeling a disconnect that surfaced more often than she’d like to admit, she asked the Lord to show her heart to her. The response was: “You were a closet prostitute.” Questioning the connection of her heart to the request and the response, she reviewed her past sex life, and saw how she had benefited from her sexual involvement especially during her collegiate years when she was well-compensated by what she has come to identify as a sugar daddy. Within a month of this revelation and her agreement with the sinfulness thereof, she was challenged with the idea of sharing the danger of being silent and disregarding the link between spirituality and sexuality. Some eighteen years after the 1996 revelation, the method for sharing (a biblically-based curriculum with accompanying discussion guide) was given. Thus, she does not want anyone to repeat or focus on her story or testimony as she is aggrieved thereby. Both are included in demonstration of God’s hearing and answering prayer, and in appreciation for His love, mercy, grace and forgiveness. The major emphasis is on Scripture, which has the greatest potential for encouraging movement beyond discussion to the formulation of action plans, doing something about sexual or any other issue negatively impacting spirituality.


  1. Erma Johnson

    I have read the book and it’s was outstanding to me. That’s how it was back in the day.

  2. Claire

    This was such an informational and spiritual book. Thank you for featuring this book!

  3. Savannah Adams

    It touches on a controversial topic without making it look controversial. Wonderful!


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