Five Travel Photo Books to Read this October

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Travel photo books can fuel a person’s wanderlust. Reading travel photo books offers its readers a chance to travel when going out is not an option. This type of book offers things that anyone can experience when traveling. Readers of these travel photo books are bound to see and enjoy the wanderlust-filled images inside.

The Place to Be by Lonely Planet

A leading travel media company named Lonely Planet published its travel photo book in 2017. The Place to Be presents hundreds of locations all over the world to evoke a single feeling to its readers. That emotion readers may feel amusement, joy, euphoria, serenity, awe, or enlightenment. This has 12 chapters and 240 destinations that traversed that particular emotion. Destinations presented in the book ranged from wild and natural spaces to modern and ancient cities. Descriptive passages explain the best time to go there and how to get to that location. Readers will get to experience a particular emotion and state of mind.

Family Trip to Magical Madagascar and Beyond by Nicki Geigert

Nature photographer and traveler,Nicki Geigert’s recent travel photo book Family Trip to Magical Madagascar and Beyond will bring readers on a journey to wonderful sights and splendor from Madagascar to Zimbabwe. Anyone who enjoys traveling to awesome and exciting places will love this book. Geigert takes readers together with her family on a trip to magical Madagascar and beyond. This features photographs of famous spots on this large island including Baobab trees and the Tsingy limestones. Geigert will take readers with the family to see new places and experience new things to create pleasure and lifelong memories. Experience the wide array of indigenous animals and wildlife including birds, insects, reptiles, and plants.

The Traveling Photographer by Sandra Petrowitz

In 2013, Sandra Petrowitz released her travel photo book, The Traveling Photographer. In the synopsis of her book, “traveling and photography is a perfect match, but photographers are often disappointed that their images fail to meet the quality of their artistic aspirations”. Petrowitz offers in her book a combination of theoretical information, practical advice, and helpful suggestions for taking better pictures whenever traveling. May that trip be a local one, annual summer vacation, or in exotic and remote destinations. Astonishing photographs all over the world that enable readers a personal point of view and lead amazing travel photos. This does not only feature images but also descriptions that can help readers how to carefully compose photos, avoiding common mistakes, and achieving a unique perception of places.

Follow Me To by Nataly Zakharova and Murad Osmann

In 2015, Murad Osmann and Nataly Zakharova published this travel photo book that will showcase the beauty and uniqueness of different locations around the world. This was The Follow Me project created in 2012. This project became a worldwide internet sensation. This presents a story in the eyes of two ordinary travelers attempting to portray local lifestyles and narratives through photography. The featured images will remind the viewers of the hustle in daily life which can lead to people forgetting the things surrounding them. Osmann and Zakharova will bring viewers on a trip around Moscow, Madrid, Ibiza, HongKong, New York, and London. Readers will have a glimpse of Osmann’s point of view as the pair journeys to different historical and cultural sites.

Yosemite and the High Sierra by Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams published this travel photo book Yosemite National Park and the High Sierra. The featured locations in his book are the places closest to his heart. This offers a wide array of astonishing collections of photographs and writings. This book is inspired by the locations’ grandeur, wildness, and primeval mystery. The passages found in the book will provide a background of the stirring images and provide Adam’s vision of the places.


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