Five Fun Activities to Teach Children About Conservation

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Global warming, climate change, human exploitation, and its many consequences are rather alarming. Now more than ever, it is essential to educate everyone about the importance of environmental and wildlife conservation, and the kids are not exempted. The youth today have minimal connection to nature, that it can be difficult for them to grasp the concept of conservation. 

Though the government and private organizations are taking initiatives to conserve nature, it’s still important to spread the message to the youth. Everyone knows that in their hands hold something great. As future decision-makers, voters, and citizens, they have the power to make real changes and reshape conservation. It’s never too early to teach and encourage kids about appreciation of nature. 

There are lots of ways you can educate your children about the importance of conservation, but the best method is to make learning fun. So, why not try the fun, hands-on activities listed below to introduce the concept of conservation to your children. 

Get Crafty

Conservation is more important now than ever as we move toward increasing green innovations. But teaching your kids might be a little trickier than just telling them not to waste water or paper. 

Every day thousands of paper, jars, plastic, and so much more are thrown into the trash. All of these go straight to landfills waiting for decomposition, and some just won’t decay. This is one of the leading problems that cause so much problem to our environment. One way to address this problem is to get crafty with recyclable waste. Recycling and upcycling is a great idea to encourage conservation. One example is to create a quilt out of old clothes. 

Read to Them

Reading to the young is a means for entertainment, but it can also be a means to education. Take advantage of picture books available in your local bookstore or library to encourage interest in nature and wildlife. Children’s literature has many notable options when it comes to conservation. Books like Nicki Geigert’s Who’s Yawning Now? is an interesting yawning animals storybook that introduces new species, places, concepts. It is also a great way to spend time together as a family. 

Go Exploring 

Kids are constantly engaged in gaming or television, and as a result, they have less connection to nature. Be an advocate of exploration of nature. Encourage your child to participate in trips, hikes, or outdoor activities to start learning the natural world. Allow them to observe and have the opportunity to engage with nature to broaden their horizons to other possibilities. Through exploring the outside world, they’ll grow awareness about what’s happening to nature, leading them to be more proactive adults concerned in the world they live in. 

Participate in Conservation Programs

Many organizations have come forward with conservation efforts. They invite people of all ages out to the great outdoors and do good to our environment. Some groups have recently taken the initiative to educate the young on the importance of conservation through conducting a summer camp and town clean-up. These programs propel us toward a future in which all kids spend time outside, creating a generation of happier, healthier children with more awareness and connection to the natural world. 

Turn Sustainability Into a Game

Educating your child like that in a classroom can be boring. So, why not turn sustainability into a game. There’s nothing more fun than playing. There are plenty of educational games with themes of conservation and community. Playing outside with friends is a simple activity that goes a long way in teaching sustainability. Sharing and appreciating a love of the outdoors will inspire your children to care for the earth more. One example is the recycle game, where children are given recyclable materials and reuse them in different ways. 


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