Fighting for a Dream: The Drift by Casie Aufenthie

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First of all, I would like to thank Kenneth from the Authors’ Lounge for inviting me to write an article about my book, The Drift. My debut novel, this book will forever hold a special place in my heart for serving as the culmination of a dream I’ve carried in it since I was seven years old.

My dream began with an assignment for my first-grade class. Our group would be visiting a local nursing home over the Christmas season, and the teacher tasked us with writing and illustrating a story to share with the residents. My project, The Bad List Elf, was the first story I’d ever created. Sharing my tale of an elf who was none-too-pleased that all the toys he made were for other kids instead of him, seeing the smiles and hearing the laughter it evoked, was addicting. I couldn’t imagine any feeling better than the one I had at that moment. I knew right then and there, all I wanted to do with my life was to continue to impact people with my words. More than anything, I wanted to be an author.

Unfortunately, achieving that dream ended up being a bit trickier than I had imagined. Over the course of my scholastic career, I sharpened my skills through various technical courses and by writing copious amounts of fanfiction. However, each time I tried to create an original work, I quickly became overwhelmed –paralyzed by the fear of failure–and dozens of stories went to the wayside, never to be looked at again. The idea of ever finishing my own manuscript and having my dream come true seemed impossible. And for nearly a decade, I gave up on it.

One day, my husband discovered I used to write Star Wars fanfiction, and as a fan of the franchise, he was intrigued. Reading some of my work, he was surprised I wasn’t still writing. He said it was evident I loved it, and he believed I had real talent and shouldn’t waste it. With his steadfast faith in me helping to overcome the fear, I started drafting The Drift, and I felt more myself than I had in ages.

Perhaps this why, at its core, The Drift emphasizes how important it is to have a dream. That while it can be utterly terrifying, even painful at times, maintaining hope gives life purpose. 

A New Adult Science Fiction-Romance, The Drift, is set in a dystopian future where the human race has split into three different species: the mentally-evolved Illuminatos, the physically-evolved Corporis, and the Unevolved. After a brutal Evolutionary War, the Illuminatos now rule the other two species through violent oppression.

The story follows Samara, a Corporis that has lost everything, including any sense of purpose in her life, and Tristan, an Illuminatos with a mysterious past that has given up a life of luxury to help those without the power to fight for themselves. Their meeting will open both of them up to new dreams, changing how they see the world and their places in it. And in time, the power of those dreams just may change the world.

The Drift is currently available in ebook, paperback, and hardcover through Amazon here: For updates on the sequel, check my author page, Casie Aufenthie | Facebook, or follow me on Twitter at @CasieAufenthie.

While it certainly wasn’t easy, getting a book published truly was a life-long dream come true for me, and I fully believe crafting captivating stories is what I was put on this planet to do. I hope anyone reading this article finds their dream, and the courage to always keep fighting for it.


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