Feature Article: Modern Writings on Christian Traditions

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Modern Christian literature keeps Christian traditions and values in check. They also offer new insights and studies to help Christianity constantly remain relevant in today’s society.

The past three or four decades saw the rise of many Christian publications. Many of these books are written by pastors, priests, and officials of the Church. They further educate the faithful about the Bible, its scriptures, and the life of Jesus and other Church figures. 

Some made discoveries, challenging old beliefs and offering new insights and understanding based on their research, experiences, and reflections. Modern Christian literature has impacted many lives and has helped Christianity evolve as far as traditions, collective values, and social relevance are concerned. Books on Christian traditions also help us reexamine the Bible, the scriptures, and even certain practices. More importantly, these modern writings on Christianity help us evaluate ourselves as followers of Christ.

The role of today’s Christian writers is to remind the faithful of the origins of the church and its tradition.

There is no doubt that modern Christian literature has impacted the Church and Christians from all walks of life worldwide. These works of literature provide us with multiple sources, ideas, and references besides the Holy Bible. One of the remarkable contributions of modern Christian writings is to remind the believers of the Christian faith about Jesus’s teachings, our morality, and the role of the Church in our daily lives. Though these books are subject to authors’ interpretations based on their studies and research and personal biases and reflection, we cannot deny that these insights and ideas have guided modern-day Christians indeed.

Reflection and meditation are essential in every Christian’s life, and these modern works by Christian literature. Whether they are spiritual guidebooks, inspirational or devotional books, or academic works related to theology and the history of the church, these modern writings reinforce the gospel, the teachings of Christ, and the Church. They also help us understand the mysteries of our faith and expand our understanding of Christianity.

Modern Christian literature also offers new reflections while contributing to the relevance of Christian Traditions in today’s era.

Many recently published works shed new insights on various issues, topics, and themes concerning the Bible, the Church, and the Christian traditions. One of the books is Station of the Risen Christ: Resurrection Meditations. It features the Cross of Christ in Heelan’s book, but rather than emphasize Christ’s suffering and death, Heelan invites his readers to look more closely at the hope of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. According to Heelan, the Via Lucis of Christ’s Resurrection is as central to Christianity as the Via Crucis. Stations of the Risen Christ: Resurrection Meditations hope to inspire people to pray and reflect on the Scriptural passages relating to Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead and his subsequent appearances to over 500 disciples. The book gives us a new perspective on how we observe Lent and Easter, two important events in the Christian traditions.

The topic of Jesus Christ’s resurrection is just one of the many areas where modern Christian writers, theologians, and professors tackle new perspectives and highlight new research and discoveries to keep active discussions and make Christianity relevant and significant in people’s lives.

Frank Heelan is a former History teacher and author of the book Stations of the Risen Christ: Resurrection Meditations. To know more about Frank Heelan and his works, check out his book on Amazon or visit his website today.


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