Feature Article: Five Fantastic Post-Pandemic Goals

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Once the world achieves herd immunity, we can look forward to executing our post-pandemic goals. ReadersMagnet recommends these five fantastic post-Covid goals you should consider.

Catch up with friends. The last two years have been difficult for family and friends. Those who lost their loved ones were not able to say proper goodbyes and sendoffs because of health protocols. Many of us got stranded in foreign lands, and most were holed up in quarantine. So it makes perfect sense one of the priority goals after the pandemic is to reconnect with family, friends, and loved ones. While online platforms and the Internet have allowed us to maintain communication with our family and friends, and even colleagues at works, physical meetings and reunions should happen. A tight hug, a warm embrace, a handshake, and physical conversation will help us heal from this anxious dark chapter in humankind’s history.

Go and travel abroad. Going outdoors is everybody’s default plan once quarantines are lifted and travel between borders eases up. But why stop there, if you can afford to fly and travel to foreign countries. It doesn’t have to be right away. The book Family Trip to Magical Madagascar and Beyond is a photo travel book by Nicki Geigert. It features Nicki’s travel to exciting new places. And it should inspire us to take the chance of traveling to foreign lands when the time allows us to. Travel abroad can also be a way to bond with your family after more than a year of being holed up in the house.

Nicki Geigert talks about how travel enabled her to capture many amazing photographs of animals.

Save and invest assets.

If there’s one thing that the pandemic has taught us all is that we should all be prepared—financial stability and self-sustainability save millions of lives. We cannot rely on government stipends, welfare, and aid all the time. We have to save and have investment. There are many forms of savings and investment, and all you need is financial education and literacy. Reviewing your expenses and outlook regarding finance and saving can also help a great deal to be financially stable. Another goal is to have zero debt by the end of the year. You can also check on ways to earn more income. The bottom line, secure your finances before another pandemic hits and leaves us in an uncertain economic situation.

Establish new projects. Yes, a goal to set new goals and to manage those future goals. Many people have a hard time doing this when it is effortless and should make all things easy. You can begin by identifying and dividing the categories you want to plan on. Your projects should cover health, income, family, work, personal, and social goals. Managing your projects and attaining goals under those project categories will be easier once you identify the items and their respective timeline. Also, it will put things in perspective and prepare you to get back into your routine.

Seek new possibilities. Imagine that everything is “normal and safe,” and you are now free to do almost everything possible under the new normal. Will you still be doing the same old things you did before the pandemic? That is a waste of time and opportunity. Once the pandemic is done, we should not be content to go back to the old normal, especially when it is lackadaisical, complacent, and average. We should seek to outdo ourselves, learn new stuff, discover what’s new that will empower us into the future. We should equip ourselves with the proper tools and the correct mindset. Otherwise, we will just give in to what is lame and ordinary.


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