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My book that is featured on Authors’ Lounge is called Double Crossed and Unraveled. It is a memoir in which I unapologetically write about my traumas, with the intent to help others by openly sharing my experiences. My book is an unfiltered account of events that have taken place in my life. They are brutally honest and not watered down, which can make this heavy for some readers.

“This memoir recounts the relationships that a young Kelsey experienced, such as how her whole world got turned upside down when she met Howie. It touches on her complicated relationship with her mother, and how the love she developed for Cole nearly cost her life. The plot makes a full circle from when the author was younger to the adult version of herself, as she grieved the loss of her mother and had to look back at the past to be able to call things what they really were. This book chronicles the author’s unraveling through poetry, letters, and recollection as an outlet to heal her past traumas. Double Crossed and Unraveled is for every survivor of neglect and abuse. It touches on domestic violence, PTSD, sexual assault, complicated grief, addiction, and recovery. It’s easy to get lost in this riveting story that’s difficult to set down once you begin reading.”

I was inspired to write the book with the hope that my writing will shed light on the unspeakable and that those who read my work and have personally survived abuse will be able to relate to it, find comfort in that, and feel less alone. I think there’s a lot of internal suffering that happens in the silence and stigma that comes with having been abused, and if one person who reads my book suffers less as a result, then my reason for having written it in the first place is fulfilled.

I realized long ago that all I needed was a pencil or pen, and paper. I could draw or write down anything that I wanted, without anyone criticizing it. It gave me the ability, from anywhere, to escape somewhere else. I could create my own world on paper, and get lost there for as long as I wanted. I know that writing has and always will create that space for me, and it’s always been my muse. I hope to be able to share it with others because it’s been vital for me.

My goal for writing this book was with the intent to get my story out, and to let others know that they are not alone if they have gone through similar struggles. My hope is that readers will find my books raw and authentic. Putting my trauma in order was difficult and took me quite some time to complete but it gave me back the power in doing so. 

The shame that I felt should have always only belonged to those who abused me. I encourage everyone with a story of their own to speak it, even if your voice is a whisper. Write it, even if your hand trembles and perspires while you do. There’s something incredibly powerful in knowing that you’re not alone, after all.

I am from the Seattle area and I enjoy creating art in my spare time. I’ve been writing since I was a kid, with my first published work at fourteen years old. I have also authored a book of my one hundred reasons why about my own personal abuse titled The Double Yellow Line. I’m currently working on my third book, an epistolary novel, which is set to release by the end of this year.


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