Author Feature: Count Sigurd A. Olson and His Crime Series

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Count Sigurd A Olson is a one-of-a-kind author specializing in supernatural crimes, showcasing his writing prowess in his fantastic book series.

Mr. Olson’s book series comprises Black Shadow Detective Agency: Demon for Hire (the first book) and Black Shadow Detective Agency: Infernal Angels. The series focuses on a half-demon named Jason Black, a detective known for his powerful sense of justice for victims. Readers will be engrossed with his story as the series goes on.

Now, we’d all like to talk more about the book. But today, we’ll focus on getting to know the author better. With that said, let’s go and meet the Count himself!

Who is Count Sigurd A Olson?

Count Sigurd A Olson resides in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis) in the U.S.A. He is also a Count of the Principality of Sealand, an unrecognized micronation found on HM Fort Roughs. HM Fort Roughs is an offshore platform located roughly twelve kilometers away from the coast of Suffolk.

Mr. Olson is a Pope of the Discordian faith. To briefly touch on the topic of Discordian faith and Discordianism, it’s basically an array of ideas based on the associations and mythology of Eris, the Greek goddess of discord and strife. Many consider it a paradigm, religion, parody religion, or philosophy.

Mr. Olson has engaged himself with the art of writing for over twenty years. However, his printed book was released back in 2022. The main genres he frequently writes are speculative fiction and urban fantasy. If you’re wondering, “What is urban fantasy?” reading Mr. Olson’s works can give you a clear picture of the genre.

With two of his Black Shadow Detective Agency series available to the public, he is currently focused on writing the third and fourth books.

What is Mr. Olson’s Book Series All About?

The Black Shadow Detective Agency series that Count Sigurd A Olson created has two books as of the moment. Both fall into urban fantasy genres and are contained within the same universe. They focus on Jason Black’s investigations and his fervor for giving victims of various crimes the justice they deserve.

Of course, there are supernatural elements to the story that these books are telling. Let’s briefly examine the finer details of each book.

• Black Shadow Detective Agency: Demon for Hire

In Black Shadow Detective Agency: Demon for Hire, readers can enjoy the three stories of Jason Black. Mr. Black is a half-daemon detective who is living up to his infamous reputation. A reputation based around the ruthless ability to get justice for individuals who suffered from humans. Humans that are just as despicable as other monsters.

• Black Shadow Detective Agency: Infernal Angels

In Black Shadow Detective Agency: Infernal Angels is about three stories that revolve around Infernal Daemons and how there’s more to them than meets the eye. The book focuses on showing the heroic side of these daemons for the people who require their aid.

While Jason Black remains the main protagonist, the book showcases how Infernals help him save innocent lives. From a kid who got kidnapped to an Angel being held captive, Jason and some Infernals ensure justice is served at the end of the day.

Readers will undoubtedly find these books worth the investment, especially with how much love and passion went into writing them.

Check Out and Keep Up with Count Sigurd A Olson

If you are looking for the right mix of urban fantasy and speculative fiction, then Mr. Olson’s supernatural crime series is what you need. Throughout your read, your view of things will be flipped and questioned.

By the end, Count Sigurd A Olson will have opened your eyes to the reality that sometimes, humans are more monstrous, and monsters have more humanity in them. Black Shadow Detective Agency: Infernal Angels showcases just how terrible humans can be and how heroic monsters are.

Grab a copy of the Black Shadow Detective Agency series today. While you’re here, don’t forget to read some of our other blogs as well and learn more about the Black Shadow Detective Agency!


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