Confident Readers: Five Children’s Books About Self-Love

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Some children are naturally shy, and the best way to raise and teach them is to build confidence and self-love with story books. Here are five books for that.

Reading is a lot more interesting than people give it credit for. It can expand the imagination and, especially for young readers and their parents, foster relationships with others. Reading is an important skill everyone needs to learn, not only to engage with society but to understand one’s self.

Developing Confident Readers

Reading helps a reader learn how to become more introspective. And with introspection comes confidence. Reading, especially reading stories, eases away the reader’s psychological burdens and enables personal growth. 

Deliberate reading also steadies the mind, opening it for developments and unexpected changes. 

When you read a good story, like a really good one, there is a connection made. This connection helps readers relate to what is happening while also promoting empathy.

Getting attached to a story and learning from its context helps readers find relevance in an uncertain world and fosters a sense of purpose, especially if the stories they read have a direction. 

When young people have problems that seem unsolvable, the first thing they do is retreat into themselves. This coping mechanism is because they don’t have the tools to assure themselves that they have the means to face whatever problems life can throw at them.

But reading teaches them these tools.

Indeed, readers can build confidence and self-love with story books. Reading stories dealing with similar issues allows readers to self-reflect and ponder their own situations. They develop mindfulness that calms their thoughts, allowing them to imagine solutions to their problems.

Five Books to Foster Confident Readers

Of course, while reading can develop self-reliance and such, where does one even start? Well, hypothetical reader, here are five books that will surely create more confident readers:

Sun-Lion by Charlene Turner

The Sun-Lion is about a magical creature, the eponymous Sun-Lion, as she meets a gauntlet of trials, like bullying and the like, that make her doubt herself and shake her certainty in herself. Although the Sun-Lion is blessed with many gifts, her lack of self-confidence makes her unsure of her self-worth. Through self-realization and self-actualization, the Sun-Lion learns to trust herself.

This book shows readers how positivity and courage grow a person.

Amazing Grace by Grace Mary Hoffman and Caroline Binch

This lovely story is about Grace, a young girl with a very active imagination. She loves playing the characters of stories she likes. Whether it is as the main character, a background character, or just a character with no lines, she can do it all. 

But when her school wants to perform J.M. Barrie’s whimsical Peter Pan, her classmates tell her she can’t play the lead role. They all tell her that Peter is a boy and isn’t black. 

With the help of her Ma and Nana, Grace comes to learn that anything is possible and she can become anyone she wants to be if only she puts her foot forward.

This book shows how readers can discover and understand themselves a lot better.

The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds

This simple story, with eye-catching pictures, is about young Vashti. She is inside a classroom with a plank piece of paper on her desk and a pencil in her hand. Her teacher has just invited the whole class to make a drawing.

But Vashti isn’t an artist! No matter how hard she tries, she can’t think of anything to draw or how to do it. Angrily, she makes a dot on the piece of paper.

This dot is the beginning of Vashti learning that she has what it takes to be an artist.

This book teaches readers that creativity is inside everyone and needs just one step to make it happen.


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