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“Seizing opportunities when they present themselves”

Since I cannot get out and promote my inspirational memoir When Life Has Other Plans…Discover the Hidden Gifts in person at stores and lectures, I had been pleading with the Universe to give me a chance to spread the word about my book. My persistence was, as usual, rewarded.

An email appeared in my inbox inviting me to The Festival of Storytellers. Since I thought they were looking for someone who could tell a story and captivate an audience, I felt qualified. I had been doing that as a high school teacher all the time in order to keep my students engaged. Whenever I said “Let me tell you a story…” they stopped whatever distracting activities they were engaged in, and looked up – alert and ready, a state every high school teacher wants their students to be in for 80 minutes. Haha!

But I digress. ReadersMagnet, the organizer of the festival, told me that they were a publishing company and that all slots had been filled by authors. However, they were still short of one panelist for the interviews planned for every participating author. Would I be interested. Of course! So they checked me out, found me most qualified, and offered me the position where I would not only help shine the light on one – but four authors. In addition, they offered me my own booth to present my own book to the virtual fair goers.

I was beside myself with joy and gratitude because this was yet another example of how the Law of Attraction comes through when you know how to work it. In my case I simply invite the unexpected and then welcome it with open arms. I’m usually very selective about what I invite – because that’s what I manifest. What we focus our energy on often shows up in our lives, positive or negative. So watch your thoughts!

Anyway, I assisted the moderator in my first interview with Dr. Myra Weiner. I found her personal story quite moving and her book Uprooting the Poison Tree resonated strongly with me as well, because she, too, has successfully dealt with hardships but they are still ongoing for her.  Sadly, she lost her husband to Covid last December.

Dr. Weiner is an internationally recognized toxicologist and thus uses carefully chosen poisons as metaphors for some of her “toxic” experiences. She finds emotional “antidotes” to overcome each obstacle, which is, in my opinion, an intriguing way to engage her readers. In my book, at the end of every chapter, I list the gifts Life has given me for every lesson I have mastered.

Next, I was a panelist for Dr. Jo Anne White, a #1 bestselling author and creator of More Heaven, a book about a teacher who fights for inclusion of special needs children into the American school system in the 1970s. Jo Anne and I have a lot in common with regard to healing and coaching background. So it was a delightful experience for me to interview someone of her stature who is on my wavelength. 

My third author was Carlton Randolph Crane speaking about his book Time Enough to Cry where three women meet three men during the Vietnam war time, their ensuing hardships, how their strengths see them through and bring love to each of them. A very engaging hour in which I learned a lot about the author and his goals.

Lastly, I spent an hour with Jo Ann Gramlich, a speech pathologist devoted to enhancing young children’s verbal skills. She has therefore created enchanting books for parents Talk, Play, And Read With Me, Mommy/Daddy to help them have fun while reading and interacting with their youngsters. I eagerly absorbed her inspiring information which I will use with my 15-month-old granddaughter. I can’t wait to see her as soon as we get the green light to travel again.

In closing I would like to say that there seems to be no end to the miracles one can manifest as an author and in life, no matter whether one uses prayer or other means of communication with Infinite Intelligence. As Eckhart Tolle says in my favourite quote of his: “When a course of action is aligned with what the Universe wants, it will be empowered.” Obviously, my desire to inspire others falls into this course of action and that’s why I received this opportunity through ReadersMagnet. I had 331 fair goers visit my booth even though I wasn’t an exhibiting author. A big ‘Thank you’ to everyone!

For information on my book please check it out at

and on Sunday, May 2, at 4:30 pm, PDT with Jo Ann Gramlich, a speech pathologist and award-winning author of “Talk, Play, And Read With Me, Mommy”  Her books  are meant to strengthen children’s language skills.


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