Celebrating Family Trip to Madagascar with Nicki Geigert

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ReadersMagnet joins photographer and storyteller Nicki Collins Giegert in her adventure. The Family Trip to Madagascar and Beyond details Giegert’s family adventure to magical Madagascar and Zimbabwe.

Documenting Family Adventures

Family trips are the greatest adventures. For most of us, traveling is a luxury, even for individuals. Many of us are lucky enough to get a holiday or a staycation within the city. To be able to spend time with the family out of the country is indeed a great opportunity.

Out of the country family trips allow us time away from the usual routines, people, scenery, and the daily grind. Literally.

Family trips also mean creating new and lasting memories for the family. For photographer and traveler Nicki C. Geigert, documenting family trips is both personal and a hobby. Capturing perfect moments, various hues, atmosphere, and sceneries are one of the most rewarding parts of any adventure trip. And a trip with the family offers more than one reason to document the adventure.

Family Trip to Majestic Madagascar and Beyond

Recently, Nicki Geigert and her family visited majestic Madagascar. Madagascar is not your typical spot for a vacation. Traveling to one of Africa’s most marvelous country requires long hours of travel under the sky, plane changes, and long walks.

The Republic of Madagascar is an island country that lies just 400 kilometers off the coast of East Africa. It is the fourth largest island in the world and is home to hundreds of flora and fauna only found on the island.

Baobab trees under a starry night sky.

The capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo, offers a glimpse of Madagascar’s rich culture. Tourists usually stay in hotels provided by tour companies. In order to enjoy the tour with fewer hassles, it would be wise to have a tour guide, especially a veteran local who knows the ins and out of this large island.

Nicki Giergert’s family trip to Madagascar is the latest of her photo tours. From the familiar Baobab trees and the razor-sharp Tsingy to picturesque waterfalls, Nicki captures majestic images using her own unique vantage points. The album consists of 50 plus crisp and high-definition photos of mostly wildlife and Madagascar’s magnificent landscapes.

Tsingy from Geigert’s vantage point.

Aside from the landscapes, Geigert was also able to capture Morondava’s stunning rustic beauty.

Majestic Rustic Madagascar

Of course, any Madagascar trip is not complete without capturing in still images Madagascar’s unique and magnificent wildlife collection. From zebras to lemurs to monkeys and reptiles, Nicki’s crisp and sharp photos offer us a vivid image of the African animal kingdom.

Nicki Geigert has done countless photo tours and one thing that she never fails to capture is the priceless moments with local inhabitants. In this family trip to Madagascar, Nicki Geigert yet again inspires us by capturing candid moments. In one photo, a child attempts a cartwheel in one of Madagascar’s beautiful beaches. Another image shows a canoe driver. Geigert even captures a sweet moment- two monkeys kissing atop a tree branch.

Paddling through Madagascar waters

Overall, Nicki Geigert’s travel photos inspire us to take a break from our usual routine and appreciate nature and the beauty it offers. While most of us cannot possibly afford to travel around the world, travel photography reminds us that all around the world there is much beauty and we should take time to capture these places and moments.

For more information about Nicki Geigert’s Madagascar Photo Tours and other works you can visit her websites https://www.nickigeigertbooks.com/author/ and https://www.nickigeigert.com/index

For updates on future photo tours, blogs and other stuff related to fine art, visit her other site website: https://www.nickigeigert.com/index


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