Book Feature: Stepping Into Discipleship by Mary Vaughn

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Searching for the meaning of life is a universal journey people venture into. Stepping Into Discipleship aims to lead people toward and answer through the author’s experiences.

“Do you know what God’s will for your life is?”

This single-liner encompasses the wholeness of Mary Venable Vaughn’s book, Stepping Into Discipleship. In essence, the book resonates with every Christian still seeking the meaning behind their existence and the purpose in their steps and decisions. It’s a universal endeavor that everyone participates in the moment they gain awareness and consciousness.

Searching and seeking. These are two of the common themes weaved in people’s lives.

It suggests that upon their birth, they’re already meant to look for something throughout their lives – a meaning or purpose for their existence with everyone else. In verbal expressions, the thought of a life’s purpose seems straightforward. It’s what people are expected to do, what God has willed them to be. But in a closer look, achieving an answer for this ideology is as complicated as it can be.

It isn’t something that can be achieved by merely frolicking around in life. Instead, it encourages people to live their days meaningfully. God’s will for everyone should be sought with reverence, or they will ultimately fail to discover it. As something so complex yet reverential, how can people achieve it?

Stepping Into Discipleship, Guiding People to a Purpose

Author Mary Venable Vaughn writes a book to answer and guide people towards Christian clarity. With her involvement in Christian ministries and serving the church for years, Mary works to share what she has learned about Christianity in hopes of helping people toward discipleship. After all, while religion is a universal experience, nobody may truly claim the appropriate way to live with respect to it. Mary Vaughn understands the struggle, thus sharing with her readers her experiences.

Stepping Into Discipleship accounts her journey throughout discipleship, simplifying the endeavor and encouraging readers to believe and grow in faith. In its essence, the book shows how people can reconnect with God to mend their relationships and lead them toward their purpose. It vows to clarify the common misbeliefs concerning religion, specifically how restricting it can be. Stepping Into Discipleship simplifies how people can embody being “Fruits of the Spirit,” living according to how God expects them to be as His children.

As documentation about her experiences as a disciple, Mary Vaughn shares the reality of how Christians worship and live according to God’s words. She shares how relevant discipleship is in modern society, against the common perception of it being an outdated culture.

Many People Are Turning Away From Christ

Mary Vaughn believes that people have turned to worship matters that serve their worldly desires instead of worshipping God. Stepping Into Discipleship pulls people away from this behavior and leads them back to the belief that people must only serve one God. Her testimony encourages people to relish that God is alive and always serving people through unnoticeable means.

Religion is a miracle-making business. But it does not flourish unless people learn to serve only God, not their physical desires and worldly needs. Stepping Into Discipleship is a book that can knock some sense into readers and instill faith in God again.

About Mary Venable Vaughn

To express her interest in growing the Kingdom of God, Mary Vaughn writes primarily to invite people to trust in religion again. She believes the Holy Spirit talked her into writing the book to help readers find their way back to the Lord’s arms.

Aside from writing and sharing her religious faith, Mary also founded Community & Faith Outreach Initiative, Inc., an organization that advocates for grandparents raising children. She’s also a member of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, which aims to help people understand the heritage of the Christian community. One of her favorite scriptures reads, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” And as a mother of four, she has embodied this verse by instilling within her children faith.


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