Book Feature: Sitting On Jesus’s Lap by Troy Louis

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Sitting On Jesus Lap is an inspirational guide book written by Troy Louis.

The Bible has always been a source of inspiration for many of us. The stories in the holy book provide readers with valuable lessons, encouragement, spiritual guidance, and of course, inspiration. Over the years, many Christian authors based their spiritual books on their encounters with the Holy Bible. The themes, styles, and intentions may vary depending on their experiences and disposition. Today, we are going to take a closer look at a book that draws its inspiration from one of the iconic scenes in the Bible. Sitting On Jesus’s Lap by Troy Louis is our book feature of the day.

Sitting On Jesus’s Lap: Life on Earth was published in 2018. It is a spiritual book that aims to guide the readers on what to do when they are crying out for help. The world is full of challenges, anxiety, crises, depression, and chaos that some of us need help to cope up with life’s obstacles. According to Troy Louis, the author of the book, help is a word that is frequently being used nowadays but without accountability or action. Compared to the people from the past century, today’s modern civilization often find themselves seeking help.

In his book, Sitting On Jesus’s Lap, Troy Louis tries to dig deeper and answer what causes today’s society to be needier of help. Where do these outcries come from? What are the various concerns of today’s societies? Are others paying attention to these outcries? Or are these just mere products of a spoiled and pampered society?

“We, as humans, are still trying to figure out life by falsely achieving and accomplishing what the world has to offer. At the end of the day, something is still missing.

While we were chasing things in the world, the creator of our creation was chasing us with His love.

Sometimes we achieve everything in life that makes us happy, but we are missing that one thing that brings us joy.” (excerpt from the book Sitting On Jesus’s Lap)

Crying out for help is a natural occurrence in our lives. At some point, we cannot do things on our own no matter our efforts and diligence. We need others. We need guidance. Troy Louis invites readers to read the book and use it to find inspiration and encouragement in facing life’s challenges. The book provides several answers to questions, even to question you did not know existed. Sitting On Jesus’s Lap will remind you that you have a purpose on this planet and that God loves you for the unique individual that you are.

About Troy Louis

Author Troy Louis is from New Orleans, Louisiana. He came from a big family consisted of three boys and three girls. Louis weighed in at only a pound and a half at birth, so it is a miracle that he lived and grew up to be quite healthy. Even in his teenage years, Troy Louis already decided to dedicate his life to God. Despite many challenges to his journey, Louis can only look back at those years with amazement and gratitude. He credits Christ as the reason for his life’s beautiful transformation.

His book, Sitting On Jesus’s Lap, was inspired by the Bible. Louis had read the Bible, became a huge part of his journey with different ministries, and Bible studies, and he realized that sitting in Jesus’s lap somehow epitomizes the idea that Christ is always there for us when we cry for help. Troy Louis is also the author of the book Honor God with Your Body.

To know more about Troy Louis and his works, check out his works, or visit his website today.


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