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Perfect Flaws is a poetry book by military veteran Tim Segrest that talks about the realities of PTSD.

All over the world, millions of people are affected by post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD is defined as a psychiatric disorder that can happen to anyone who has experienced or witnessed a traumatic event. That event can be a natural disaster, a serious accident, a terrorist act, war or combat encounter, rape, or any form of personal assault. As such, many of the PTSD are military men and women who have seen the horrors of war, who have been injured in combats, or suffered the loss of a dear comrade or fellow army. Tim Segrest is a military veteran with degenerative spine disease and suffered post-traumatic stress disorder shortly after his stint in the army. He turned to writing and later on, to poetry during those trying times. The poetry book Perfect Flaws is a compilation of poems written by Tim Segrest.

Perfect Flaws

Originally published in 2006, Perfect Flaws is a collection of poems about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) written by Timothy George Segrest. In his book, Segrest describes how he dealt and managed his PTSD. He imparts his own experiences in the military as well as some personal ones. Perfect Flaws mostly feature war poems, detailing the horrors and traumas of war. Through Segrest’s poetry, readers will have a glimpse of how soldiers and war veterans deal with PTSD.

“I have given much thought into what this book is about, but have failed to come up with an answer that I, personally, find fitting. Poetry, in itself, is an expression of how people feel or see a related topic or thought, which is usually never exactly like how another might view the same situation. I started these poems when I was going through a hard time in my life, both within the military and personally. The orders I was forced to carry out in the service didn’t help either. So, there are other than just war poems in this book. I guess this book is about something and nothing at the same time. It’s about all of us and how we see different phases in our lives. I merely have chosen to write about them, hoping I could help others along the way in some manner. After all, it did help me.” –Tim Segrest on his book Perfect Flaws

For Tim, poetry became his shelter and in a way a means to express his ideas and feelings, about his military journey, about his PTSD, and his depression. This somehow helped him cope up and more importantly, discovered that he has a gift of writing about PTSD and reaching out to others. Aside from his poetry book Perfect Flaws, Timothy George Segrest is also the other of many other books that tackle post-traumatic stress disorder. He also wrote short stories and poetry. The books Trained in Hell, Living in Heaven, and Whistling in Chicago are some of his fiction books. Snake Riddles Poetry is composed of eleven volumes. 

Other works by Timothy George Segrest

  • Fatigue and the PTSD Mind
  • Trained in Hell, Living in Heaven
  • Whistling in Chicago: The Birth
  • Whistling in Chicago: Creation
  • Nightmares of War, Enduring PTSD
  • Random Echoes of the PTSD Mind
  • Snakes Short Stories
  • Snake Riddles Poetry Enduring PTSD, Vol 1-11

To know more about Timothy George Segrest, you can visit his website today.

About Tim Segrest

Timothy George Segrest was born in 1962 in Whittier, California. He finished high school at La Miranda high School in 1980. Before joining the military in 1983, Segrest in drafting pipe layout and design for a few years. He first worked as a jet engine mechanic with the Air Force, but later transferred to the army by way of an interservice transfer. George Timothy then trained as a sniper. However, in 2004, Segrest was medically boarded out because of issues concerning his back. Segrest then began writing and it helped him cope up with his depression as he was also contemplating taking his own life during this period. Segrest started writing poetry. After a few years, he started writing novels. 

Timothy George Segrest has been married three times. He is currently living in Yuma, Arizona with his loving and supporting wife. Segrest has been diagnosed with Acute Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and degenerative spine disease.


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