Book Feature: My Spiritual Journey by LaPrele P. Jordan

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My Spiritual Journey is a memoir about faith, devotion, and the continuous pursuit of life’s purpose and happiness by LaPrele P. Jordan

For many of us, building a meaningful spiritual relationship means embarking on a spiritual journey that will take us to places, enable us to meet different people, and along the way, change our perspective on many things. Sometimes these spiritual journeys are never a straight line, and some spend their whole lifetime on multiple spiritual journeys. Today, we will feature an inspiring memoir about one woman’s colorful life journey of faith, devotion, and spirituality.

LaPrele P. Jordan’s My Spiritual Journey

“This is the spiritual journey I have taken from being a Mormon to being Johannine to coming back to the Mormon faith, but in a different capacity. This is all about building belief in Jesus Christ and the twists and turns I’ve taken to maintain my integrity.”

My Spiritual Journey is a memoir that centers on a woman’s extraordinary journey from being a Mormon to being Johannine to coming back to the Mormon faith, but in a different capacity. It is a book about knowing Jesus Christ by LaPrele P. Jordan. This 94-page book is a narrative that features LaPrele’s early childhood as a Mormon and the factors that led her to become a Johannine. The eighty-year-old author released her book in 2018 and hoped to inspire readers with her unique story. It also highlights several issues regarding her spiritual quest and the roller-coaster ride that eventually convince her to return to the Mormon faith, only this time in a different capacity and with a more mature understanding and perspective. 

“Have you experienced getting the feeling of being disappointed because the world or your faith didn’t live up to your expectations and beliefs? There is just something that doesn’t coincide, which leads to you questioning those aspects. Do you ever wonder if something is real or not? The 80-year-old author aims to help the readers learn more about spirituality through sharing her lifetime-worth of experiences of searching for truth and doing her best to obey the Lord Jesus Christ. Jordan hopes that many will be inspired and guided by her personal account and apply their learning on their own quest for spiritual growth.”

This book offers us the realities of embarking on a spiritual journey- the questions, doubts, frustrations, and relentlessness of seeking truth and God. These are the things that make a spiritual journey so meaningful and fulfilling in the end. And all of these are in LaPrele P. Jordan’s wonderful masterpiece.

About LaPrele Jordan

LaPrele P. Jordan was born and raised in a small town in Southern Utah. She was raised in the Mormon faith, which she loved dearly. LaPrele’s father was knowledgeable in the scriptures and used his expertise in teaching the young LaPrele about everything she needs to strengthen her Mormon faith. He would tell Laprele tales from the scripture and his own spiritual experiences. These nurtured LaPrele’s spirituality and faith.

LaPrele would encounter multiple challenges and struggles, but she did her best to keep her integrity despite the adversities. She eventually got married and had ten beautiful kids. Unfortunately, her first marriage did not work out, and LaPrele found herself in a difficult situation, for she was also sick during that time. But God’s grace and her family’s love helped LaPrele through it all. Although no longer part of the Mormon Church for 25 years, LaPrele couldn’t discuss a word about this matter with her loving family because of their strong affiliations with the Church.

Laprele P. Jordan enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Despite her poor health, Jordan found comfort in quilting. She also likes painting and claims she has made over 70 paintings in her lifetime.


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