Book Feature: Fresh Fire: Spiritual Transitions That Lead to Total Man

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Fresh Fire: Spiritual Transitions That Lead to Total Man Rebirth is an inspiring book by Christian author Mark L. Spell.

Now more than ever, there is a great need for us to connect with God and to seek His wisdom and grace. However, despite the many churches and ministries, many of them are actually just petty ministries designed to fit the bandwagon and popular culture.

Only a handful of these ministries are really serious about absorbing the Word of God and putting them into practice. If we want to build a solid and meaningful spiritual relationship with God, we must seek a ministry that focuses on God’s scriptures and worship and his teachings.

Today, we will feature a book by Christian author and pastor Mark Spell entitled Fresh Fire: Spiritual Transitions That Lead to Total Man Rebirth.

Fresh Fire: Spiritual Transitions That Lead to Total Man Rebirth

Fresh Fire: Spiritual Transitions That Lead to Total Man Rebirth is an inspiring spiritual guidebook by Christian author and pastor Mark L. Spell. It was first published in 2016.

In his book, Pastor Spell reminds his readers of the importance of seeking the Lord for deeper knowledge and spiritual guidance. Whether you are a newly saved Christian who is just beginning to dedicate your life to Christ and His Kingdom; or someone who continually seels his guidance and grace.

What is the Book All About?

Spell explains that his book, Fresh Fire is a “God-sent vehicle” to take us to our next destination in God. The book seeks to empower its readers through sound doctrine and biblical philosophies that will equip them with a better understanding of God’s word and the awesomeness of his Power.

Fresh Fire features several important discussions and explanations in detail with scriptural interpretation and reinforcement by the Holy Spirit. Some of the points for discussion include:

  • Spiritual warfare, the nature of Satan, and how unclean spirits affect our daily lives
  • The true nature of God and how He sees us, imperfections and all, and the importance of being authentic to our true selves when we pray
  • The necessity of God in our lives so that we may live to our true potential as he has ordained for us to live
  • Learning to resolve spiritual issues with spiritual weapons, rather than natural/worldly ones
  • The importance of praising God

“Anything born short of hope is a sustaining approach relationship with God. Our focus today is on believing God beyond just sustenance. We are now entering into a place that through hope, by faith, we have drawn the conclusion that God is going to sustain us because he has placed us where we are; and now, we are believing God beyond hope. I am going to believe beyond where I presently find myself.” (Excerpt from the book Fresh Fire by Mark Spell)

Overall, Mark Spell’s Fresh Fire is a fresh read that is light and enlightening. At this time of lent, this is certainly a remarkable work that’s worth reading over and over again.

About the Author

Mark L. Spell is a pastor and a teacher. Pastor Mark Spell earned his bachelor’s degree from North Carolina Central University. He also has an MBA degree from Florida Technical Institute. He was awarded an honorary doctorate in theology by Victory International College in Durham, North Carolina. In June of 1997, Spell began his teaching and expounding on the Word of God as a pastor when he founded the Disciples of Christ Deliverance Ministries or DOCDM. Since then, God has tremendously blessed pastor Spell’s God-given vision of “Changing Lives through Teaching and Prayer.”

DOCDM later expanded to become Greater Life Christian Church in 20027. The organization has numerous outreach programs serving Raleigh, Durham, and Wilson, North Carolina. Pastor Mark L. Spell is married to Lillian H. Spell, who is also a pastor. Together they have four wonderful sons.


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