Book Feature: Alina’s Revenge by Greg Van Arsdale

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ReadersMagnet takes a look at one of Greg Van Arsdale’s action thriller- Alina’s Revenge.

Alina’s Revenge is one of Greg Van Arsdale’s latest works. Published on June 24, 2020, Alina’s Revenge is an action-thriller about a young woman’s journey towards vengeance and justice. The third-person linear narrative is set in 1993 at the height of the Serbian-Bosnian conflict.

The story begins with 12-year old Alina watching a group of Serb militia killing her family. The filthy bandits, a group of ten men, find Alina and took turns with her. Despite the rape and the trauma, Alina survives. She was taken in by a neighboring family and helps her overcome her family’s tragic loss. The family is headed by an ex-military who decides to teach Alina the art of warfare. For ten years she trained with firearms and knives and had grown to master hand-to-hand combat. After a decade of preparation, she finally leaves her foster family and began exacting her revenge. Alina was able to track one of the Serbs and forces him to give up the names and details of his comrades before dying. Killing one target after the other, Alina’s quest for justice takes her to various places; from Bosnia to Eastern Europe and even in Iraq, Alina hunts her enemies. Alina also encounters love for the first time, and it begins to distract her from her goal. However, this romance is not likely to take her away from her desire to finish her mission as the men responsible for her family’s death are also closing on her. It’s a fight to the death as Alina revenge goes full blast.

A number of Greg Van Arsdale’s books are action-thrillers. Over the years, Mr. Van Arsdale has mastered the art of telling action-packed narratives. Alina’s Revenge, his latest work, is proof of this. Using linear, third-person POV, Greg takes as to an almost never-ending, pump-up action sequence from start to finish. Alina’s Revenge for me is True Grit meets The Count of Monte Cristo with the unique Greg Van Arsdale brand of storytelling. Full of remarkable scenes and familiar elements of a true revenge novel, Greg Van Arsdale’s Alina is a must-read.

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About the Greg Van Arsdale

Author, freelance writer, and professional editor, Greg Van Arsdale attended Samford University on Physics scholarship, where he graduated with honors. In 1981, Greg decided to join the Navy and eventually taught nuclear physics-related courses at the Naval Nuclear Power School in South Carolina. He taught for several years. Aside from teaching, he also served as a training manager and then senior manager for Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he focused on creating computer systems.

Greg Van Arsdale’s journey into writing began in 1983. Over the course of three decades, he has published many books. Most of them are crime thrillers and suspense novels. Greg’s vast experience with publishing also enabled him to venture into the editing business, providing editorial services to authors and writers. Through his Greg Van Arsdale Editorial Services, he is able to help many aspiring authors with their manuscripts, something that Greg is passionate about.

Aside from his journey as a teacher, writer, editor, and professional, Greg also commits himself to studying the Bible. Greg Van Arsdale has been a minister for thirty years and finds joy in educating others about God and the bible.

To know more about Greg Van Arsdale, check out his books, or visit his website today.


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