Blood of the Fearful by Michael Ferguson

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My name is Michael Ferguson, I am currently 39 years old, and I am new to the Author’s Lounge. I am currently a deputy sheriff in law enforcement. I am a husband and father of 2 young girls that drive me crazy quite frequently.

I consider myself now an amateur writer.I was raised by my grandparents from the age of 8-14 years old. As a young kid I spent alot of time with my grandparents, especially my grandfather,and his enjoyment of watching movies and television shows. 

The first show I ever remembered watching with him was a scary vampire series called Dark Shadows. This is when I found my obsession with vampires. The concept of vampires was simple, but the imagination left to what vampires are and could do scared me so much I even remembered throwing up that night, I was around 8 years old. 

My grandparents did not have access to books that I could read and expand my imagination, so I found it in movies. My grandfather had hundreds of movies on VHS and I literally watched one by one until I saw nearly all of them. The movies ranged from hardcore like Platoon, to My Science Project, and down to Disney movies.  

These movies gave me an understanding at a young age of what people like to watch with character development, imagination, romance, action, and science fiction. I learned that many individuals kept their heads in the sky with the unknown because what is known in this world is sorry to say, boring. As humans we look for an escape from our reality because life itself is tough so where do we escape to other than movies and books.

We want to be the hero or heroine. We want to be the person who saves the damsel in distress. We want that forbidden love that cannot be achieved in reality. For all these things we are dreamers, and these stories are our dreams. This is when I came across my story, Blood of the Fearful.  

When I was approximately 30 years old and dating my wife, I experienced a dream that was so real it was creepy. In this dream it felt like I was standing in the middle of a movie set and I was watching as everything unfolded in front of me. It was my vampire novel. I could hear the screams, I could smell the air, I could feel the fear rising inside me. This dream was so intense it woke me up in the middle of the night and I literally could not go back to sleep.

I watched some news and basically waited for my wife I was dating at the time to wake up. I could not wait and told her about what happened and how cool and creepy the dream was. I told her I remembered everything so vividly which is when she urged me to write it down and see what happens. I never thought about writing a book and the closest I came to writing was poetry. But women are always right, and I listened.  

So over 300 pages later, I now have, Blood of the Fearful. The story encompasses a large majority of what people want to see. I demonstrate multiple types of conflict and use real life situations to illustrate much that is wrong in this world in order to expand a person’s mind and make them think outside the box. 

To those who read my novel this is only book one which at this time I am halfway thru book 2. I love to hear criticism and will take all ideas into account moving forward. Thank you. 


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