About the Author

Born and raised in communist Romania in a loving family, together with younger brother Catalin.  We had what I considered to have been the most wonderful childhood.  Catalin was tragically lost in 1989.  Coming with an engineering and business background, started writing poetry in the late forties. 

During childhood and youth years I used to read a lot of poetry, most of the Romanian classics like Mihai Eminescu and George Cosbuc, Topirceanu, Alexandri, the French poets La Fontaine, Baudelaire or the likes of Pablo Neruda whom I later discovered.  My poetry is fictional, inspired by life.  I have a poetical nature and am drawn to metaphors.  I do not like to be constrained in any way and my poetry is generally free verse with some rhyme, inspired from love, spirituality or politics.  I would not consider myself an erudite and my poetry is simple.   Hardship, pain, love, despair, sheer joy or anxiousness, they all inspired me at one point or another.  I have lived them all and all those experiences made me what I am today.   After Catalin’s demise at 20 years old, my spirituality became more and more apparent to me through my internal struggle with and while fighting and questioning God’s plans…Thirty years after, poetry helps me find and express better and better my inner peace, the understanding that my fate is in the hand of the Creator.

My husband and I spend our lives between San Jose, California during the week and our cottage in the mountains in Arnold, California during the weekends.  We vacation twice a year, generally in the North American National Parks or abroad, in Europe. Besides travel, poetry, photography, and digital painting, I enjoy cooking in my kitchen in Arnold.  I never use a recipe.  I start gathering whatever I have in the pantry and start creating a meal. 

I have two poetry books published: Poetry in Color and From That Place In My Heart and several others ready for print, including an almost completed Sci Fi novel.  Excerpts and some of writings can be found on the website of Fanstory.com under my name of GianinaS.

I hope dear reader, that you enjoy reading my books.  Be kind and assume that I always had something I wanted you to know about, even if the words seem sometimes out of place, maybe even in the wrong sequence.

With love,

Gianina Sipitca                                                         San Jose, February 14, 2019

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