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Jamie ModavisJamie MoDavis lives in Center Valley, Pa. She has two daughters and a son. She is a twin and the oldest of seven children and has seventeen nieces and nephews. She went to school for nursing and has a successful sales career in the healthcare industry. She spends her summer weekends with her kids and family up at the lake. She wrote this book as a family memoir and gave it as a gift to all her brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles and eighteen cousins.

Summers at the Lake

Summers at the Lake
There is no memory better than spending my summers at the lake. I still get the same childhood feeling of excitement when I get the first peek of the lake from the top of the hill as we drive down to our cabin. “There it is!! I say to myself, “Beautiful Lake Wallenpaupack.” It is Memorial Day weekend and we are back for the summer. We will be seeing you every weekend until Labor Day. The cabin was more than just a house on a lake. It was a place that taught all of us the strength of family, values and traditions. Some of my favorite memories were made when at the lake.


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