The Author

Caroleann RiceCaroleann Rice, mother of an adult son, Kevin, and adult daughter, Colleen, and grandmother to Colleen’s twin daughters, madison and paige, is a line of duty widow of New York City fireman and chaplain who has run a weekly¬† prayer group in her home on Wednesdays for 15 years. She is also the author of The Song of Solomon the Snail and its growing list of sequels, of which this book is the first.




The BookThe Lady Bug and the Bully frog

Clover the Rabbit and Mrs Ladybug Dot seek the wisdom of Solomon the Snail to deal with Milton the Bully Frog. Only someone who can fly over the water to him can confront the bully who is being mean to everyone who wants to play by the pond. Can the brave ladybug Dot bring the message of the Mighty Wondrous Voice of Love to Milton? But she will be all by herself. or will she? she has love with her.


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