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Michele Hayes-Grisham is a passionate Christian and she has experienced God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in many ways throughout her life. She was born in Brazil, Indiana and moved 30 times due to her step-father being in construction and her husband being in the Air Force. From an early age, she learned to accept change and be content wherever she lived. She was born premature and has struggled throughout her life with a weak immune system and unique health problems. She was born with a tied tongue and that speech impediment brought teasing from others and a lack of confidence. It took decades before she realized God had given her spiritual gifts. It wasn’t until she took a spiritual gifts assessment test and saw her gifts in black and white that she believed she had value and something to share. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from Simpson University and a Certificate in Women’s Ministries from Northern California School of Women’s Ministries. She led a chapel service for many years at a mission for homeless women and children and mentored some of the women in drug and alcohol recovery. God has put many of His children in front of her to love.

It was the death of their second daughter just before birth that drove Michele to a deeper relationship with God. She believed He was a good God, but why did He allow that to happen? It took months of crying out to God before she learned how loving and compassionate God really is. She was blessed to have her daughter, Tracy, to motivate her to keep going. She now relishes the thought of spending eternity with her daughter in Heaven together with God and all those who have gone on before.

Michele was bedridden for a year with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome when she was 34. Back then little was known or understood and the prognosis was depressing. In her support group, two of her peers committed suicide. If she hadn’t been a Christian, she is sure she would have committed suicide, also. She felt like such a burden on her family. It was during those months crying out for God to let her die, that the Holy Spirit spoke into her heart and mind that everything about her that was valuable was still there. She could listen and love and hug.

Her favorite verse is Romans 8:28 (CSB), We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God, who are called according to His purpose. It’s amazing how God can use terrible tragedies and trials to bless those He loves. When bad things happen now, she is less troubled and knows that God will use that circumstance to bring a blessing when it is least expected. She has written three books. Her first book, “Life Lessons from God,” was written to encourage her ladies at the mission to persevere and allow God to change their hearts and lives.  Her second book, “God Loves You! – A Book to Read with Your Child” was written to help children learn from birth that there is a God and He loves them!  Her third book, “How to Show God You Love Him!” was written to help older children understand how our loving God has instructed us to live. She graduated from Sunnyside High School in Tucson, Arizona. She is now retired and lives in Shasta, California, with her husband. They have one daughter in California
and one daughter in Heaven. She loves to read, travel and serve in local ministries.

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