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W. Veronica Lisare is the author behind The Other Side of Fear: My Journey Into the Perfect Love.

Wendy Arelis, also known as W. Veronica Lisare (pen name), is a mother, a grandmother, a retired nurse, and a former missionary. W. Veronica Lisare went to Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California. There, she completed her two-year course and allowed her to discover and rediscover herself and her potentials.

She is the author of the inspirational book The Other Side of Fear: My Journey Into the Perfect Love. The Other Side of Fear by Veronica Lisare tells about her personal journey from being broken to being renewed by her faith in God. ReadersMagnet is proud to have an author feature for W. Veronica Lisare.

Healing and Missionary Work

After her marriage collapsed, W. Veronica Lisare found herself going to a missionary school. Lisare had suffered many losses and survived many trials, including an abusive childhood, a difficult marriage, betrayal, divorce, cancer, financial losses, career, and the death of a grandchild. Her time in the ministry set Veronica on the road to healing and forgiveness.

By the grace of God, she learned to forgive those who have wronged and hurt her in the past. By understanding that the past nor its toxicity and resentment does not disqualify one’s self in the eyes of God or determine one’s future, Lisare rediscovered herself. She began to let go of condemnation, self-hatred, and shame and instead embrace her true identity as a King of kings’ daughter.

Lisare learned to trust God and in the belief that we can do all things through Christ. Before, she always felt that her training as a nurse was minimal and always felt handicapped in her knowledge and skills. Through ministry, she was able to gain confidence and faith in what she can do for others.

Travels and the Sozo Ministry

Ministry allowed W. Veronica Lisare to discover the joy of travel, which this author feature will talk about. She once traveled to the Philippines on a three-month missionary. Despite suffering a bad fall that sprained her leg, Lisare continued to travel after her mission in the Philippines.

Since Then, she has been to many countries like Mexico, Israel, South Africa, Turkey, the Caribbean, West Indies, many parts of the United States, and mostly Europe. Most of her travels were with the ministry team, some with another person, and several of those she traveled on her own.

W. Veronica Lisare served several positions, including prayer team leader and board member. She is very passionate about teaching people how to pray effectively and sharing what she has learned from the ministry. Lisare also learned about Sozo ministry during her time there.

Its practitioners define Sozo ministry or Sozo prayer as “a unique inner healing and deliverance ministry in which the main aim is to get to the root of those things hindering your personal connection with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”

W. Veronica Lisare wrote about her knowledge and practice of Sozo ministry in her book The Other Side of Fear: My Journey Into Perfect Love.

Writing The Other Side Of Fear 

The Other Side of Fear: My Journey into Perfect Love is W. Veronica’s first book. It was published in October 2019. Lisare’s moving autobiography features her journey from abuse, crippling fear, and low self-esteem to knowing the ultimate love of God.

Veronica shares how she discovered courage, joy, hope, freedom, and fulfillment. She shares how she embraced a new journey with God in her book. The Other Side of Fear chronicles her unhappy childhood, loveless marriage, divorce, the loss of a granddaughter, and her battle with cancer to a rewarding nursing job and a second career as a minister of the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

W. Veronica Lisare currently resides in Kelowna, B.C., where she teaches about prayer, volunteers at the Pregnancy Care Centre, and sits on the Board of Directors of her church.

To know more about W. Veronica Lisare beyond this author feature and her book, buy a copy now or check out her website today.


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