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Vonne Solis is a Grief and Life Transformation Coach and author of Lessons in Surviving Suicide: A Letter to my Daughter and other healing and transformation guidebooks.

Losing someone is never easy. Losing a child to suicide is tragic. It takes time, faith, and courage to journey on the road to healing. The process can be arduous and messy, not to mention painful. It also transforms people, and without guidance and support, the loss and grief may consume them. Fortunately, some amazing souls have experienced grief and loss firsthand and would want to share their journey and wisdom in the hopes of easing the pain and suffering of those who are still grieving. Today, ReadersMagnet presents Vonne Solis. She is a Grief and Life Transformation Coach and author of several self-help books, designed for readers who want to embark on a journey to heal and transform.

Author Vonne Solis lost her daughter to suicide in 2005, at age 22. Despite the loss and grief, she chose to heal and help others in their journey to overcome grief and loss.

Vonne Solis is a grief and life transformation coach who is dedicated to her healing and supporting others in their own. The death of her daughter has led her to write books that inspire people who are bereaved and want to heal and transform their life. Her daughter’s suicide at age 22 left family and friends devastated and traumatized. For Vonne, the untimely loss just tore her world apart. She admitted she lost all sense of who she was. No parent should ever bury their child, and what Vonne and her family went through is indeed very tragic.

But life moves on, and just like many who have endured such grief and loss, Vonne found the courage and strength to commit herself to heal and continually transform herself into a better and stronger individual. The lessons and wisdom that she acquired she now shares with others. There are shared experiences, grief, and frustrations. However, there are also shared dreams, hopes, and collective strength. Vonne Solis never wanted to live with only her suffering. 

“I don’t believe anyone bereaved should feel robbed of the chance to honor their own wonderful memories and experiences with those they’ve lost, as a result of the silence there is around loss and grief.” – Vonne Solis.

Vonne Solis works on self-responsibility and believes that we all have the choice to heal, regardless of where our pain originates. As someone who has experienced tragic loss and grief, Vonne herself is aware of the struggle people all face to rebuild their lives after losing a child, trauma, and other devastating experiences. 

As an author, speaker, and inspirational influencer, Vonne Solis continues to encourage and enlighten others about optimal healing and pursuing a life of happiness and success.

In 2011, six years after her daughter’s suicide, Solis released Divine Healing –Transforming Pain into Personal Power. In this book, she shares her story of loss and early grief and offers a healing practice to support anyone bereaved who wants to recover from their loss. In 2013, Vonne Solis released The Power of Change – A Path to Enlightenment which is a guide to help anyone change their mindset and start creating the life they want in 30 days. Her latest book, Lessons in Surviving Suicide: A Letter to my Daughter (2021), is dedicated to helping newly bereaved parents who have lost a child to suicide understand trauma and navigate early and complicated grief.

Vonne Solis is passionate about global change, discussing new views on death and loss, inner transformation and in supporting the bereaved to help them find healing and happiness. She is constantly working on new projects. Both podcast and digital course are coming soon! 

To purchase copies of her books, you can go to Amazon or Apple Books and other global retailers. You can also visit her author’s website and as well as Living Meditations on YouTube for information and updates.


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