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Virgil Revish is the author of the book and self-help program entitled Vision: Going to the Next Level.

Virgil Revish is an educator, volunteer, and author of the book Vision: Going to the Next Level. Today, we will feature a brief Virgil Revish biography so readers will learn more about the man behind after-school programs and the college prep manual that is changing many lives.

Author Virgil C. Revish is a teacher, minister, consultant, motivational speaker, and mentor.  

Virgil C. Revish has worked in the higher education industry for many years. He spent three years teaching junior high at Virginia State College before joining the U. S. Army in November 1976. After serving the United States Army for three to five years, Revish again dedicated his years to teaching aside from other endeavors.

 For four years, Virgil C. Revish taught in Fairfax, Virginia, before a hiatus. He then worked at a wastewater treatment plant (Petersburg Wastewater Treatment Plant). His job involved testing water samples and reading meters. But his passion remained with teaching students and helping young minds. 

Virgil Revish started a volunteer program called School Watch in September 1993 while he was in Petersburg. This is one of Revish legacy. School Watch is a program that monitors the hallways, cafeteria, helps in the classrooms, and works at school activities. The program has around one hundred and fifty volunteers. As the program’s area coordinator and consultant, Virgil C. Revish ensured the success of School Watch, which covers six schools across Petersburg, Virginia.

 Later in 2000, Virgil C. Revish would again work on another legacy- the Achievers Plus. It is an after-school program called at the Children’s Home of Virginia Baptist. As one of its tutors, Virgil C. Revish helps kids improve themselves and find better opportunities. The thrice a week program provides children with homework help, an afternoon snack, and after-school activities. He volunteered with the Matoaca High School football team and has worked with youth for over 35 years now.

Virgil C. Revish is a member of Third Baptist Church, Petersburg, Virginia, under the leadership of Reverend Leroy Cherry. He has a Deacon, Sunday School teacher, Vacation Bible School Teacher, and a Van Driver. 

To further serve the students and the community, Revish began working with other visionaries who are equally committed to encourage and educate the youth in 2013. Their latest project, “Pull Your Pants Up,” was launched recently. It is a nationwide initiative designed to inspire the youth to be responsible and accountable. Virgil Revish is also the associate producer of the “Pull Your Pants Up” project and video. This project aims to encourage and inspire the youth to meet and exceed acceptable societal standards and rise above today’s norms.

Virgil C. Revish designed Vision: Going to the Next Level to help prepare students for college.

‘Vision: Going To The Next Level,’ designed by Virgil C. Revish, is unlike any other college prep manual ever written. It features a model that guides students to acknowledge a plan, prepare for that plan, and then present it. Revish’s program is making scholarships available to those who would traditionally find them out of reach. One of its readers has already received a four-year scholarship to Norfolk State University to play football. Many college prep manuals exist on the market, but most fall short in giving students a concrete plan for success. 

Vision: Going to the Next Level provides concrete and comprehensive instructions which can genuinely increase their chances of landing a prestigious college scholarship. A dedicated youth educator, author Virgil C. Revish is delighted to share these ideas and lessons with his readers.

To know more about the program Vision: Going to the Next Level and other details about Virgil C. Revish and his work, visit his website\. You can also purchase a copy via Amazon or thru his website.


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