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ReadersMagnet is excited to present our youngest author to grace our community- Natalia Padilla.

Natallia Padilla is a pianist, composer, art illustrator, and author of the children’s picture book “Good Night.” The 12-year-old child wonder hails from San Diego, California, where she has lived for most of her life. Her father is also an author and a Christian black-belt martial artist, John Padilla.

As a songwriter, Natalia’s debut song was also entitled “Good Night.” Natalia won the California National Piano Playing auditions in 2015. Apart from music and writing, Natalia also enjoys spending her time reading fantasy and history books. She also loves to draw and paint animals and people of everyday life. Sculpture is another hobby of Natalia’s, making artworks made of clay.

As an artist, Natalia relaxes her thought processing creativity by playing her piano. It helps her create a song or other masterpiece for people to enjoy, such as “Good Night.”

Natalia Padilla is the proud author of the heartwarming children’s illustrated book title Good Night.

Natalia Padilla’s debut book, “Good Night,” is not your typical children’s picture book. It was written when Natalia was only nine years old and is a heartwarming story about how a young girl spent her day. It features how people learn in different ways, and various thinking methods are required when solving a problem. Natalia’s love of music is also reflected in this amazing 29-page book which includes the song “GOOD NIGHT,” composed by Natalia herself.

Music and reading is the key to opening up a child’s mind, to be content in oneself, and to open up its natural creativity that every child has. A child or adult may learn by reading this fascinating story about a young girl’s day and night activities with her family and friends.” (excerpt from book description)

Aside from inspiring young children to learn music, Natalia Padilla’s “Good Night” helps children the vowels, consonants, conjunction words, and how to speak English without an accent while reading this book. The book is designed for readers up to 12 years old.

Overall, Good Night is a classic work that will capture the hearts of young readers not only because of its music and heartwarming story about how a young girl’s day unfolds but also because the book reminds us that even one small child can make a remarkable difference in this world.

Aside from her book, Natalia Padilla also has a fantastic collection of paintings and artworks for sale.

While the young child genius is known for her piano skills and talent for writing stories, Natalia is also a gifted visual artist. Natalia did the illustrations for her debut book, “Good Night.” She also has an impressive collection of paintings. Most of her subjects are birds, flowers, landscapes, and other animals. In her painting titled “Precious Beauty: Bird of Omnipotence,” Natalia shows her skills in painting complex design. The painting features a wonderfully done portrait of a peacock. In “Hanabi: Fireflowers of Japan,” we discover Natalia’s talent for creating an abstract figurative composition with line movements. In her masterpiece titled “Taking Flight” (featuring a kingfisher in flight), we see a glimpse of an Impressionist painter in the making. Even at the tender age of 12, Natalia Padilla shows signs that she can become a prolific painter and visual artist. Her composition, lines, and color palette speaks a lot of her energy for life and art. Natalia Padilla’s exquisite artworks are for sale and at a very reasonable price.

You can check out and buy Natalia’s arts and books by visiting her official website. You can also purchase her book, “Good Night,” via Amazon and ReadersMagnet.


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