Author Feature: Kathryn Coltrin

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Kathryn Coltrin is a highly versatile author of a wide variety of book genres. 

Do you have a favorite book genre? Is it fiction or nonfiction? The world of literature is multifaceted. A bunch of genres is available for any reader to branch out and enjoy reading. When you’re a major reader, it’s easy to get caught up in what seems to be an endless array of genres. Of course, anyone would want to read books from genres that will entertain and bring joy, but it’s well worth adding some variety to your reading list. Reading is not solely a fun pastime but also an opportunity to learn and achieve personal growth. The more you step outside your favorite genre, the greater your chances of making new discoveries. Kathryn Coltrin is one of the many authors out there writing in the varied genre in literature. Thus, ReadersMagnet features this versatile author that will allow you to uncover treasures you never thought possible. 

Kathryn Coltrin

Not only is Kathy Coltrin an author, but she is also a poet sent by God in heaven to spread His words. She has been married for thirty-six years to her loving husband, Walter. Together, they raised three amazing children, who gave her six grandchildren that she enjoys being in company and playing with. 

Coltrin earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Family Development from Missouri State University in 2021. She utilizes her knowledge from her degree and her devotion to God to write most of her books. She began publishing her books only recently, most of which are published last year. In total, she has written and published seven books from varied genres under her belt. She has no plans of stopping writing anytime soon. So better expect more books from this amazing author in the coming months. Her vast array of knowledge and life experiences fuels her desire to write to express in many different forms and styles.

Must-Read Works from This Author

Coltrin has three books under children’s literature: 

Two by Two

Two by Two is Coltrin’s first children’s illustrated book which was published last year. This is a story about the Bible’s Noah, his arc, and the animals on board the arc. In this adaptation, young readers are educated about the variety of animals aboard the arc and the places these animals are found in. 

Swimming in the Ocean

This is Coltrin’s sixth published book which celebrates childhood. Swimming in the Ocean is about the different childhood experiences that children of all ages will enjoy reading. This will open their eyes to the varied sides of childhood and play. 

Pirate Kids

Published last year, this is her third children’s book. Pirate Kids follows a group of four kids who go on a treasure hunt. Their quest to find this notorious treasure will delight young readers, motivating them to think creatively and spark their imagination. 

Under the inspirational genre, Coltrin has three books, titled: 

Written From My Heart 

This was Coltrin’s first major published work and her first collection of poetry. She published Written From My Hear in 2016. This is a 42-page work about finding inspiration in God, places, relationships, and other people. 

Inspired From My Heart 

This is a collection of inspirational poems that were written and compiled by the author herself. The book is her fourth published work and her second under poetry. Inspired From My Heart is all about God and how He can fill us with His love, inspiring those who read the poems. 

A Stitch in Time

This book is her recently published poetry book, released on March 1, 2021. Coltrin strongly believes that our experiences are the factor in what we are now. Hence, she wrote this book to share her thoughts on the importance of the people, relationships, and experiences that have impacted our lives. 

On top of this, Coltrin has a book under the cookbook genre titled:

Favorite Family Recipes

Not only does she share classic recipes, but she also shares stories and thoughts about comfort food and how it can bring back fond memories from holidays and even happy times. As well as the recollection of those who cooked them. 


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