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We are living in a world where rules and expectations rule over us. With time it only gets worse. We all face expectations based on age, gender, religion, and culture, and we usually do our best to meet and fulfill them. But where are we really in those acts? Is it how you want to live? Is this how you should be? Finding yourself may sound like an self-centered act, but it is actually an unselfish process that is the root of everything we do in life. In order to live the life we wanted, be the best partner, parent, etc, we have to first know who we are and what we value. The journey to self-discovery is the greatest and most important adventure of our lives. Yet so many of us live with the wrong ideas about ourselves. Fortunately, ReadersMagnet found Alma C. Lightbody and her work, You’re Not the Boss of Me, who will guide you to finding your authentic identity. Check out this amazing author and her book.

Alma C. Lightbody: Author and Energy Healer

Alma C. Lightbody is a healer, medicine woman, consultant, therapist, and author. But before all that, Lightbody is a degree holder in medical technology and MBA in business at Simon Fraser University. She enjoyed learning so much that she continuously earned various degrees and spiritual certificates. All of these are here means for searching answers and for something new in life.

She was told by a psychic that her life’s purpose wouldn’t be clear until her 50s. It made no sense for her at that time. After many unsatisfactory relationships, world travel, and business work, all came to fruition. The reading came true. The life she had been living before set the groundwork for what she has become today. She has learned that what she was looking for in others was actually what she needed to learn about herself.

Today, Alma Lightbody is an energy healers with 20 years of experience in energy and Shamanic work, and owner of Vital Differences Consultants Inc. She finally discovered that her life’s purpose is to heal others, more importantly to help others heal themselves. Through her energy work and enlightening book, she continues to serve her purpose. Moreover, Alma Lightbody has travelled around the world, mostly for business, but in the last half of her life, her travels became meaningful and more of a spiritual quest.

A fun fact about this author, the Lightbody surname is described as a cheerful person or a busy active one ( In the Spiritual world, Lightbody means luminous body—the Auric field that fills and holds everyone. While her first name Alma means soul in Spanish.

Published Books

Alma Lightbody has since published two books for spiritual growth and guidance.

Published in November 2012, You’re Not the Boss of Me is the recent work of Lightbody. This book draws from her personal experiences of going through relationship breakups, bankruptcy, health issues, and even taking a wrong turn in life. Within the pages of the book is the raw truth of her deep inner awakening that led to healing herself and changing her life. Other than the author’s experience, insights and stories from her own patients are embedded in the book. You’re Not the Boss of Me is a tool for readers ready to embark on a journey to self-discovery.

Another work of Lightbody is My Wonderful Nightmare which she writes with good friend Erin Higgins. This book was realized when Erin Higgins was diagnosed with cancer. This led her to bare her soul through accounts and journal entries to help teach and share insights to others. The contents of the book reveals to everyone what “listening to your body” can do and the wonders it brings. My Wonderful Nightmare chronicles in the conventional and alternative healing and wellness treatments.

Visit Alma C. Lightbody’s website to know more about her and her work. Or purchase her books in either print or digital format on Amazon.


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